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Web Worksite GoldJuly 4, 2001
We have visited and reviewed your site and found it to excel in skill and workmanship and thoroughly enjoyed visiting your site. Please accept the attached award to be proudly displayed on your site.


Simple GuideJuly 4, 2001
Congratulations! Your site "Canku Ota" has been reviewed by all our judges & we are proud to reward you with our 1 Simple Guide's Bronze Award! Your site will be added to our winners list in a few days time.



Sandpiper's AwardJuly 3, 2001
I have visited your website and appreciated very much what I saw. I particularly like the fact that your pages are kids-oriented. The design is very pleasant and full of light and the navigation easy. I am happy to award you with my Excellence Award and my Great Native Site Award.

I would also like to offer you, on behalf of my friend SkyHawk, his Eagle Award that only goes to special sites and cannot be applied for.

Sandpiper's Nest

SkyHawkFireHeart Website

Great Native Site AwardSkyHawk's Eagle Award


Top SiteJuly 2, 2001
Congratulations you won the Top Site Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!

An Angel In Your Pocket


Freaky Frog AwardJuly 2, 2001
Congratulations. Freaky is pleased to announce your site has been reviewed and you have won our Award, not all sites that apply are awarded



Butterfly AwardJuly 2,2001
Congratulations! Your site has earned our "Excellence in Webpage Design" award. Our judges were very pleased with the overall layout of your site as well as the color choices for the background and text.

Butterfly Awards


Cool Frog AwardJuly 1, 2001
Great site! Lots of interesting things to see and do. I like the coloring book idea. I may do something like that on our own art pages too. Congratulations! Your site has just won the Cool Frog Award for excellence in design and content. Really enjoyed the visit!

Frog Creations

Luuk's Travel Site AwardJuly 1, 2001
I went through your site and was very impressed with the extensive information you give on the Native Americans. For a Dutchman, normally not in contact with any of the Indian Culture, it is an eye opener. I feel very privileged that you applied for my award. The site earned 79 points in my scoring system, which is very good. It means you won the Bronze Award for Excellence from Luuk's Travel Site. I congratulate you with it.

Cracking Good SiteJuly 1, 2001
Many thanks for your kind visit to Pete's Page and applying for my award. The requested award is attached and wear it well you certainly deserve it.

Pete's Page


Golden Globe AwardJune 30, 2001
Your site scored enough points to win the golden globe award !!!


Informed Site AwardJune 11, 2001
Congratulations! After careful review, we have chosen your site (Canku Ota (Many Paths) - as a winner of My ParenTime's Informed Site Award!

We offer this award strictly to those web owners who are providing free informative content to visitors of their family-friendly website, and who meet our strict criteria for the Informed Site Award. My ParenTime believes your website makes the Internet community a better place! You are providing informative website content to your visitors, and we'd like to thank you!

My ParenTime's Family Community


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Red Stag AwardJune 7, 2001
Your site was reviewed by three of our judges and evaluated based on the standardized scoring highlighted in our program. After averaging the three totals, Canku Ota scored 69 points - within the criteria established for the Red Stag Award for Merit. Congratulations!

What an extraordinary resource for and about Native America! From artists to students, there is a little something for everyone on this site. With a daughter in a New England prep school, we particularly enjoyed learning about the Native American Prep School in Santa Fe. It was a pleasure visiting your site and we hope to see even more in the future...thank you for inviting us!

Red Stag Awards


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BTDesign AwardsJune 5, 2001
Congratulations your website Canku Ota has been thoroughly evaluated and I'm glad to announce it won the BTDesign Approved Site Award.

Yours is a very interesting and well done resource able to let us know more about the native American culture. We really appreciated the kids section!

Again congratulations and keep up with your important work!

BTDesign Awards

Our sincere thanks to all of you who support "Canku Ota"

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