January 1, 2000 Issue 29 - Special Edition

The Storytelling Stone
(Story courtesy NACF Libraries on AOL--Keyword: Ethnicity)

Many many times ago when the world was still kind of new, life was hard for the people. The worst time was when old man winter and his friend the north wind were sitting hard on the people. They spent long days with snow piled against their shelters. Of course they had to out and hunt for food or they would starve.

There was one boy who was especially good, he was respectful to his elders, he always told the truth, and his heart was very kind. He went out to hunt one day for his people.

He shot several things as he was a good hunter. As he was walking home through the deep snow, he got tired and sat down next to a huge rock to rest. The rock was different than any he had seen, it almost looked like a head of a person.

All of a sudden, he jumped up when a voice deeply said, "I will now tell you a story."

The boy looked around to see if someone was tricking him. He could not find any body. "Who are you, where are you?" he said.

"I am going to tell you a story" said the voice.

The boy said, "ok."

The rock said, "first you must give me something."

So the boy put one of the birds he had killed on the stone. He called the stone grandfather and asked it to tell the story.

The stone told about how the earth was created--it was a long and wonderful story.

The boy thanked the stone when it was over and said that he was going to tell the story to his family and that he would be back the next day.

As the boy was walking home he realized that the whole time the stone was telling the story he had not been cold at all, and the snow seemed to have gone away.

The boy ran into his home feeling very happy. Every one came to see what he was so happy about he told the story the great stone had told him.

The story kept them from being cold, it made them happy, they slept and dreamed good dreams that night.

The next day the boy brought another bird back to the stone, and the stone told him another wonderful story.

Each day, of the cold blowing wind and snow, the boy went back to the stone and heard many wonderful stories. The stories were not just stories. The boy was being given important things to teach the people. How to live right and how they should do it.

One day spring was coming, and the boy brought his gift as usual. But the stone said nothing.

He asked for a story. He said, "Why wont you tell me a story?"

The stone said, "I told you all the stories I have. I gave them to you to keep for the people. If you remember and share with those to come, then the people will always know how to live right. Then more stories will come as you have lived your lives and these you will pass on to others so that all may know and remember the right way to live."

The boy shared all his story so that everyone could be happy and people thanked him. And every one that told stories that they may know and live by these many good things.

Told By: Aurora187

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