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February 26, 2000 - Issue 04

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By Vicki Lockard

Live Cam Bald Eagles!
Thanks to the Internet, Audubon Society of Florida's Center for Birds of Prey, and The Orlando Sentinel, people all over the country will witness the growth and development of two baby Bald Eagles. The downy eaglets will grow up in a 75 foot-high tree in central Florida. The exact location has not been revealed to protect the birds.

Eagle Watch 2000


Kids learn how to play it safe! You can play most of the games and activities in this section on your computer, or you can print them out and share them with your friends. And you might even (yuck) learn something along the way! Have fun!
McGruff for Kids


Thanks everyone for taking a few minutes to visit my site. Here, we talk about American Indian issues and concerns.
American Indians-Suite 101


NAMES is an innovative adult education project that nurtures a reclaiming of individual power through the education process. Thereby it provides opportunities for employment, job advancement, vocational or college education, career-building, increased self-esteem, improved leadership potential and cultural understanding.

Welcome to StarChild - A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Star Child


This site is dedicated to a discussion about our Universe... what we know about it, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains. Just as importantly, we also discuss how scientists know what they know, what mysteries remain, and how they might one day find the answers to these questions. This site is intended primarily for ages 14 and up.
Imagine the Universe


Edmonton Metis Cultural Dance Society central goals and aspirations are to:
Promote Metis traditional dances and history of the dances and music.
Preserve Metis traditional dances as well as the music that was passed down from our Elders in our community.
Teach Metis dance and music
Give families and youth an alternative program to teach them a part of their rich culture

Edmonton Metis Cultural Dance Society


Have questions about Native-Americans? Our staff has the resources to answer most of them correctly.
We'll try to answer as many of your questions as we can.

Native American1

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