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March 25, 2000 - Issue 06

Peace and Dignity Runs 2000
by Vicki Lockard from Peace and Dignity 2000

Purpose of Peace and Dignity Journeys

  • Initiating a spiritual run as a prayer to heal our nations in this time of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.
  • Reinforcing unity among all indigenous nations from North, Central, and South of our continent call Turtle Island, Itzachilatlan, Abya Yala.
  • Informing the world of our desire for a peaceful coexistence with the sacred four colors of humanity in order to ensure our collective survival.
  • Recognizing 508 years of strength and survival of indigenous peoples' self determination to preserve and defend our Sacred Mother Earth, Sacred Sites, spiritual intelligence, culture and language.
  • Honoring our Elders, Children, Medicine Peoples, Heroes, Leaders, Future generations, and those in the spirit world.
  • To alert and make people aware of the sacredness and need to restore the delicate balance of nature (environment).
  • Promoting cultural exchanges between First Nations where art, dance, music, and ceremonies can be shared and respected.
  • Recognize and honor the contributions of indigenous peoples to the world in the past and the right to protect our sciences, original technologies, oral traditions, human and all sacred genetic resources, seeds, medicines, fauna and flora, literature, designs, visual and performing arts (intellectual and cultural property).

This is a spiritual run that is the peoples'. It is funded by the grassroots through individual donations. No funds will be accepted from corporations or companies that are a detriment to our lives, environment, or have conditions. Items for sale will soon be available such as commemorative T-shirts, buttons, and CDs. Your contribution will help keep this the spiritual run it is intended to be. All donations can be sent to the Central Office.

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is told by many Native nations in the Western Hemisphere. The following is an elaboration from the Peace and Dignity Journeys Confederation of the Eagle and Condor Coordinating Council.

The Elders of this continent remember and talk about a prophecy that foretold how we will come together and reunite as one. We are like a body that was broken into pieces and this body will come back together to be whole again. They speak about this in the South, Center and North.

Our Elders tell us that we will unite and get our strength back like many arrows that will not be broken. They remember the history to keep the fire alive. We have to come together to be one, to have complete understanding. The main tool used was the arrow because our ancestors all over the continent were hunters. In time they added this arrow to a sacred bow. This bow is used all over this continent and is what we call the half moon. They knew we would be around and this bow would be again in the center, marking the direction that we should take. If we take a step we send this arrow to follow.

All of our people have to make a new design for our children and the future generations. They said it is written in the stars and we have to make this work so they can move the spiritual energy. This will begin a new time when we can take the Spirit in our own hands when the Eagle and Condor reunite.

Our leaders said that we should not forget to pass this message to our children. We will reunite our family and our people. Their Sun will be a new light. When this is done the people will fulfill their destiny. The pieces will be in place. There is a space for everybody and they will be apart of this prophecy. The majority of our leaders say don't forget to teach our children. All of the last leaders that were in command said to keep the family together. We will be standing in this new design. We will hold this in our home one day. Teach from Father to Son, from Mother to Daughter. It is very simple to understand.

Colorado "Four Directions 100-mile Pledge Runs"
April 7, 2000 (begin sunset)
April 8, 2000 (end 4 p.m.)

From the West (Leadville, CO to Denver)
From the North (Cheyenne, WY to Denver)
From the East (Anton, CO to Denver)
From the South (8 miles north of Pueblo, CO to Denver)

Culmination at South High School, All-Stadium Field

Special event open to the public (12 noon - 6 p.m.) at South High School
featuring indigenous storytellers, dancers, drummers, and singers.

Special ceremony to welcome, honor, and thank runners.
Food, beverages, t-shirts, buttons, and CDs will be sold.
All proceeds to benefit Peace and Dignity Journeys 2000.

Sign up to be a runner or pledge by the mile.
For more information contact Rocky Rodriguez, Coordinator, 303-426-9337.

Peace and Dignity 2000

Peace and Dignity Alaska


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