Canku Ota - A Newsletter Celebrating Native America
March 25, 2000 - Issue 06

Native American Aboriginal Songwriting Contest
by Paul Kia’i Modde, aka Paulo Kia'i Lono

Inaugural North American Aboriginal Songwriting Contest
Aboriginal Pacific West coast Music Awards

The Metis Cultural Preservation Society
96.1 FM Tropical Rhythms,Vancouver Canada
The Inaugural North American Aboriginal Songwriting Contest
Aboriginal Pacific West coast Music Awards
Date in March 2001 to be announced

Proceeds to Benefit the Metis Cultural Museum in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The Metis Cultural Preservation Society & Paul Kia’i Modde, aka Paulo Kia'i Lono a Metis, Producer & Host of “Tropical Rhythms” on 96.1 FM The World, Vancouver Canada, President of Lono International Productions is Producing,
Promoting & Publicizing the Inaugural North American Aboriginal Songwriting Contest & Pacific Westcoast Music Awards.

The Contest is open to any Indigenous person of Metis, First Nations, Native Hawaiian or Inuit Heritage. The entrant (s) must be a resident of Canada or United States.No entrants that are part of the Production team will be accepted. The music and lyrics of each entry song ( "the song" ) must be original and should not have been published or performed in public including radio and television broadcast's or recorded on disk , film, tape or other electronic and mechanical means for commercial purposes.

The lyrics can be in any Aboriginal language or English and can be traditional or contemporary as there will be categories for both. There will also be categories in all genres of music, e.g. Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap etc. All music must be submitted on cd or cassette tapes and accompanied by 3 copies of the combined score and lyrics sheet. The total duration of the song cannot exceed 4 minutes.

Each entrant may submit up to 4 works but only one per category and only one will be chosen to enter the Final Contest. Each song should be sent on a separate tape which will not be returned to the entrant.

All songs must be submitted to the office of the Producer at Metis Cultural Preservation Society at the address below by 6:00 PM. on the date of the deadline for entry. Entries by mail must be sent registered mail and dated no later than the Contest Deadline.

The judge's decision of the Organizer/Producer is final.

The entrant warrants that he/she has not parted with any copyrights in the song .

For Sponsorship inquiries,comments,ideas or suggestions and application forms please contact:

Metis Cultural Preservation Society, Dale Haggerty,
10707 King George Hwy., Surrey, B.C., Canada, V3T 2X6
phone: 604-581-2522,
Fax: 604-581-2575


The Producer Paul Kia'i Modde
c/o The Metis Cultural Preservation Society,
call @ 604- 682-3269 ext. 9053,
email @

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