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June 3, 2000-Issue 11

World Peace and Prayer Day

The United Nations has declared the first decade of the new millennium as a time for creating a culture of peace and non-violence on behalf of our world's children. In support of this international effort, it is important to realize that our youth develop much of their perception of the world by what they observe. If we commit ourselves to being positive role models, we are able to show our children, by example, the important qualities of being human. Values, ethics, and morality are the tools that will allow our youth to develop into responsible adults. As future world leaders, it is absolutely necessary that we support the increased emphasis of youth development in every way possible by placing the rights and support of children as our most important global priority.

Mitakuye! (relative),
World Peace and Prayer Day has become a reality for thousands of people around the world, many honoring their Sacred Sites. Wopila, a great thank you! After completion to thev four directions we return to the center, "Heart of Everything that is,"Paha Sapa" the Sacred Black Hills.

We ask that people continue to gather for Peace and Prayer in the year 2000 and thereafter. If the nations continue to unite all over the world, our prayers will enlighten our spirits and heal our Mother Earth.

This year World Peace and Prayer Day is dedicated to healing, educating and inspiring our young people. This will bring our youth to an understanding of the importance of opening their hearts and minds to forgiving, believing, creating and healing one another, and most importantly themselves. We ask the Nations and all people of the world to gather for ceremony focusing, in their own ways, our spiritual unity on the healing of our Mother Earth and our World Community, in honor of our Youth and Future Generations. - UNITE GLOBALLY TO HONOR AND HEAL ALL LIFE - May peace be with you all.

Mitakuye Oyasin, (all my relations)

Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe

World Peace and Prayer Day’s dates are on June 18th to the 21st, located 20 miles west of Hill City. Camping is available. The agenda includes learning about the environment on the 18th, how to live with the Earth and Climate changes on the 19th. On the 20th there will be speakers encouraging the 7th generation to stand with pride, some of those speakers will be Rick Thomas, Gene Thin Elk, Winona LaDuke and more.

On WPPD June 21st, thousands of people around the world will pray with us for Global Healing, in what ever Spiritual way they believe, we will be honoring our Youth and our people that were adopted out, welcoming them back into our Sacred Hoop. There will be bands performing in the evening, Natay, a Dine’ Rap singer, Kieth Secola and the Wild Band of Indians, Robert Mirebal, Mitch Walking Elk and more….

Join in prayer, even if you can not attend the gathering in whatever way you believe on June 21st. This effort is for Global Healing, there will be thousands of people around the world that will be also praying on this day with us. For further information is the web site, there is information on the Ride and the World Peace and Prayer Day Event.

World Peace and Prayer Day

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