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June 17, 2000 - Issue 12

A "Nammy" in the Grammies
It's A Go! A "NAMMY" In The Grammies.
Grammies Announce the Establishment of a Native American Music Category

We, NAMA, are ecstatic and elated regarding the recent announcement of a newly established Native American music category in the Grammies. This calls for a time for the entire Native American community to participate in a unified celebration surrounding this momentous development.

We wish to thank all of those who directly and indirectly contributed to our official category proposal and would like to acknowledge the many organizations and individuals who over the years have contributed to the mainstream growth and acceptance of Native American music in the national marketplace.

We are extremely grateful and indebted to Michael Greene, Diane Theriot and all those at N.A.R.A.S. (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) for inviting us into this process and making this category possible through their organization. Ms. Theriot's public comments in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times citing our proposal efforts as "excellent, and well-documented" were gracious, encouraging and appreciated. The world renown Grammy Awards are now truly honoring all of the diverse cultural conditions of music and its makers.

We especially would like to thank; Jennifer Warnes, Paul Winter, John Schonenberger of Album Network,, Borders Books & Music (NYC), Barnes & Noble (NYC) Joanne Shenandoah, Tom Bee of Soar Records, Cheri Harmes of Makoche Recordings, Cat Brotzman of Four Winds Trading, James Marienthal of Silver Wave Records, and Canyon Records for their supporting documentation. We wish to thank; Robbie Woliver of the NY Times, Steve Hochman of the LA Times, Jim Adams of the Wall Street Journal and Indian Country Today, Kim Hall of News From Indian Country, Native Peoples Magazine, ASCAP, Gathering of Nations, Alecia Cohen of Rhythm Music Magazine, Yahoo Music Shopping, American Indian Report, Robbie Robertson, Charles Sanders of the National Music Publishers Association and our entire membership for their support.

Most of all we would like to thank the many artists who have shared their traditions and gift of music with us all. We look forward to their now receiving proper recognition in a global society. We dedicate this achievement to all those before us and the future generations to come. Spread the word - Thank the Creator - And honor each other for this is a great accomplishment we have not only witnessed, but all helped make happen.

"The Indian is artistic by nature. His art is not only a luxury of the cultured few, but the unconscious striving of the many to make beautiful the things of daily living. Indian thought presents material absolutely unique. Here, we may look into the mind of a race utterly unlike any other in the world. Indeed, perhaps the most ancient of peoples and their spiritual conceptions should be of interest and value to the whole human race." Natalie Curtis, Musicologist 1875-1921

Ellen Bello, President Sandra Schulman
Linda White Wolf, V.P. Michelle Shenandoah
Joanne Shenandoah, V.P. Kim Hall
Dalaine Whiteface Bloom, Sec. Meloni Mathews
Joseph Bello, Treas. Kevin Peniska
Richard Artichoker

Native American Music Awards

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