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June 17, 2000 - Issue 12

This Date In North American Indian History
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June 18, 1541: De Soto's expedition reached the Mississippi River May 8, 1541. After exploring the near side, today they will finally cross to the west side of the river.

DeSoto's Route

June 19, 1834: John H.Eaton, representing the United States government, and Andrew Ross, John and James Rogers, John West, John Drew, James Starr, Moses Smith, and T.F.Pack, representing some CHEROKEEs, will negotiate a treaty, whereby the CHEROKEEs give up their lands in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. For a small annuity, and 800,000 acres in Indian Territory. These CHEROKEEs represent only a portion of the nation.
June 20, 1675: Today marks the start of "King Philip's" war.

King Philip

June 21, 1876: After preliminary scouting in the area of the Little Big Horn, by Major Marcus Reno, General Alfred Terry holds a planning session with his commanders, Col. John Gibbon and Col. George Custer. The plan is for Gibbon's troops to reach the mouth of the Little Big Horn on June 26th. Custer was to follow Reno's earlier path up the Rosebud to near the Little Big Horn. Custer is known by many names among the Indians: "Long Hair, Yellow Hair, Hard Bottom, and Son of the Morning Star". Col.Gibbon is called "The One Who Limps".
June 22, 1839: Elias Boudinot, first editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, Chief Major Ridge (Kahnungdaclageh) and his son, John Ridge (Skahtlelohskee) are members of the CHEROKEE "Treaty Party". They have generated many enemies by their stand agreeing to the removal of the CHEROKEEs from their lands east of the Mississippi river. They signed the peace treaty which gave away CHEROKEE lands east of the Mississippi River. They moved to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) with the rest of the CHEROKEE Nation. Today, early in the morning, John Ridge will be dragged from his bed, and stabbed to death. Chief Major Ridge will be shot and killed at 10:00 am in another part of the reservation. Later that day, Elias Boudinot will also be stabbed and hacket to death. These murders were committed by CHEROKEEs for what they felt was their treasonous betrayal of the nation. A CHEROKEE law, which Chief Ridge helped to make, gave the death penalty to any CHEROKEE which sold or gave away CHEROKEE lands without the majority of the tribe's permission. These deaths were considered the execution of that law. Chief Stand Watie, brother to Elias, and nephew to Major Ridge, managed to avoid the warriors who planned to kill him today.

June 23, 1972: The Indian Education Act takes place today (N.A.C.I.E.)
June 24, 1497: Cabot claims Newfoundland
June 25, 1876: Custer defeated and killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn

Kicking Bear's Pictograph of the Battle of Little Bighorn

June 26, 1975: The "FBI shootout" at Pine Ridge takes place today.
June 27, 1864: Colorado Territory Governor John Evans issues a proclamation on this date advising all friendly Indians to stay away from the bad Indians who have been attacking white settlers. He then orders the good Indians to report to Fort Lyon, in southeastern Colorado, where their agent will provide them provisions and give them a safe place to stay. The order neglects to mention that most of the fight with settlers were started by the settlers.
June 28, 1866: The Bozeman trail was a route from Fort Laramie, in southeastern Wyoming, to Montana. Red Cloud vowed to never let the road go through unmolested, for this was his land. A small fort was established on the route to protect the travelers, originally named Fort Connor it was staffed by former Confederates. On this date, the garrison would be increased by men from Col.Henry Carrington's troops. The fort would also be named Fort Reno. The SIOUX had maintain a siege on the fort throughout the winter. The fort is located near present day Sussex, Wyoming.

June 29, 1812: Heading east from Fort Astoria, in western Oregon territory, Robert Stuart blazes the Oregon trail, and "discovers" the South Pass of the Rockies, in southwestern Wyoming.
June 30, 1914: By Act of Congress, the Cherokee Reservation has been split up among the CHEROKEEs into individual plots. On today's date, by another Act of Congress, the CHEROKEE tribal government will cease to exist. The CHEROKEEs will become citizens of the soon to be formed State of Oklahoma.

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