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July 15, 2000 - Issue 14

Favorite Sites
by Vicki Lockard from various sources

Help us get 1 million signatures by 1 September 2000. This petition will be delivered to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development this Fall 2000.
The Rainforest Site


Linguistic Classification
of American Indians
Language List


Ableza is a Native American Arts and Film Institute in San Jose, CA, with branch offices in Santa Barbara and Calistoga, CA. We are dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting traditional and contemporary arts by Native American Peoples.

You might have only succeeded in bonking yourself over the head, but you've probably tried a yo-yo at some point. This site is devoted to the history and future of that simple-yet-hard-to-master toy.
Dave's Yo-Yo World


William Bartram was a naturalist and a scholar who traveled throughout Florida and other parts of the Southeastern colonies, relatively untouched by the revolutionary fervor brewing north of him. While gathering descriptions and drawings of native plants in the area, he encountered the Seminole Indians--and was invited by Seminole leader Cowkeeper to be guest of honor of the tribe.
Seminole Tripe Soup


I've finally gotten around to updating my website with lots of new lores and art. I hope you will enjoy all of these. Coming soon I hope to have a little contest for those of you who wish to challenge your Native American history. Also I'm still out there on the road and still find it hard to reply to all emails, but I will try to answer all that I find the time for. As always Thanks for visiting us here at the Storytellers WebLodge, now go enjoy yourself.
Stonee's WebLodge


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