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September 9, 2000 - Issue 18

National Native American Holiday

Native Americans from all over the United States have joined in an effort to have Congress enact a national Native American Holiday.

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The National Holiday is to honor all of our people, One has to understand in our society today the federal government has certain guidelines to follow in bringing about a national holiday. These guidelines were not in place when Columbus Day was made a National tax paid holiday, nor were Indians citizens of the United States. Under today's guidelines Columbus does not deserve a federal tax paid holiday.

Columbus never set foot on this land, and with his immoral actions toward the island Indians Nations he came in contact with, is one more reason he should not have a National Holiday in this country. His own country doesn't even honor him with a holiday for discovering Indian Nations and their land. This is what the Columbus myth is all about.

At a time when Indians were unable to stand against such a holiday to be enacted, a group of people chose to impose it upon us. This is the same attitude that brought about the national monument Mt. Rushmore, every attempt to demoralize Indian Nations was enacted. This is why the federal government chose South Dakota to place their political leader figures carved in stone to show their political power over our land.

To show respect for those that endured the worlds longest holocaust and most costly in human life's and con, far exceeds the federal government's guidelines to enact a National Holiday for Native Americans. In our society today congress has overwhelmingly shown support for enacting American Indian Heritage month. This month is set aside for all Indians and America to include the world to celebrate that which has been passed down to us, our imperishable heritage.

It is important for us to distinguish between the National Holiday and the Heritage Month. A day set aside for all people to reflect upon how this nation came about, should never happen again in history. Our National Heritage Month of November is to be celebrated with respects to those that made it possible for us to be here today, and it is our inheritance to honor and maintain this heritage for generations to come.

In today's governmental society to bring about a National Holiday for a nation to honor and respect, it must reflect a contribution to the fundamental development and substance for which it was founded. For all people to be united under one FLAG. Our Indian ancestors Tribal Governments gave the foundation of the most freest government on earth in the year 1776 and this is acknowledged in the first paragraph of the National American Indian Heritage Month. It did not come from Europe, Africa, Asia, or the middle East.

It is recorded history that the Indian Nations had Chiefs not Kings or Dictators as heads of their Tribal Governments. Our so called founded fathers acknowledged this. This came from the Smithsonian institute. A letter stating that the first union of the thirteen colonies was Chief Canassatego, speaking in 1744 to a Pennsylvania Assembly. Benjamin Franklin echoed Canassatego at the Albany Congress in 1754 that colonist had so little experience with democratic institutions that they adopted the Algonquin word caucus to designate a new decision making procedure.

After American colonist won their freedom with our help and I don't mean the Boston Tea Party, Benjamin Franklin echoed to the constitutional, convection to adopt many governmental features directly from the Indian Tribal Governments, which has brought about the most freest country in human history! The so called founding fathers adopted the Iroquois Federalism as the central principle of the newly formed American Government. So stated by today's congress in the National Heritage Month resolution. Americas true history can be found only in the American Indians that founded this country, this is Not talked about in the class rooms or today's history books.

Mike L. Graham

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