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September 9, 2000 - Issue 18

Rodney Grant
Contributed by Rose-Administrator Official Rodney Grant Web-Site
photos of Rodney copyright Ben Glass and the second by Rose

Rodney A. Grant is a well known celebrity in the Native Community. A Native American actor who is in support of Native American issues and is always willing to speak for the Native American people. He stands up for the youth of today and supports many charitable organizations. His concern about the youth and elders out in the reservations has taken him on many trips to these reservations, to take care of the people. At the First Americans in the Arts Awards held in San Francisco earlier in the year, he expressed his discontent in not seeing many celebrities out there, on his many trips, to the Rez. He brought his son on the stage to accept one of his awards.

We all support Rodney in his endeavors to bring about change for the American Indian community and all Americans. We urge you all who have not signed the petition, for a Native American Holiday, to please do so and remember what Rodney himself had stated in an interview early on in his career, "I am proud to be Native American but am sometimes hurt because other people do not see me as an American citizen as well. The possibility for change in America exists ; how far that possibility goes is up to each individual. Like the saying goes, If it is to be, it begins with me!"

Let's begin supporting the Native American Holiday Petition today and let's make that change in America!

Please note besides being an active board member of the Boys and Girls Club and very actively sponsoring
them he also is a Spokesperson for FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). Go to to learn more on FAS. And go to to see the many charities we represent and urge you all to look into. To learn more about the Boys and Girls Club visit their link on our charities page.

Please pass on the following information from Rick Robinson-Executive Director of the Club "If you can volunteer some time or even some of your talents, won't you join us as we tackle the repairs to our roof?
Rodney Grant has adopted our club and will be assisting with the repairs to our roof. He has contributed plenty out of his own pocket and is challenging all our friends to join him. You can get more details on the club's
web-site. And if any of you out there know of anyone that can sponsor the club (Organizations/Companies) please refer them to us. We need all the help we can get! Thank you for any gift you can share today!"

At one time Rodney was running for President of the National Congress of American Indians, we would hope that someday he would be the president of this organization.

Rodney Grant "Santa for a Day"-Makes a dream come true for a California Native "Bobby"

As the administrator of Rodney's site, I come across many e-mails that touch my heart, but none more so than that of Bobby Camarillo who at the time was 13. He has been awaiting a double lung transplant. He had left Rodney an e-mail letting him know how proud he was of Rodney's speeches at schools and how he had gotten his computer through the "Make a Wish Foundation" and had come across Rodney's site. He talked a little of his ailment but mostly how he missed being able to attend school as often as he liked. I replied to Bobby as Rodney was away on business at the time and could not return fan mails at the moment. Bobby's mom sent me a note thanking me for replying and asking if there was any way we could help by spreading the word of Bobby's plight. It was then that I decided to spread it the only way I knew how. By presenting it via a web-site. It was my gift to them. Through the site, and other fundraisers they were able to raise funds.

And Rodney ended up giving them the biggest surprise of all. To learn more on Bobby go to This past December, Rodney gave Bobby a surprise visit dressed as Santa with a bag of gifts. As you can very well imagine Rodney made Bobby's Christmas one he will never forget. You can read more about Bobby's exciting visit from Santa at his site or Rodney's.

Official Rodney Grant Site



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