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October 21, 2000 - Issue 21

Favorite Sites
by Vicki Lockard from various sources

Retrace the adventures of Spanish Conquistadors five hundred years after they traveled to the Americas in search of fame and fortune -- initiating a centuries-long era of imperialism and launching a debate about human rights that continues to this day.

Log onto and meet the Conquistadors as well as the indigenous peoples they encountered. This Online Learning Adventure parallels an upcoming PBS documentary, "In the Footsteps of the Conquistadors," brought to you by Michael Wood and Maya Vision, the makers of "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great."

On-Line Adventure-The Conquistadors


Endangered Earth is a source of information, pictures, and videos about many endangered species.
Endangered Earth


NGA Kids gives students the opportunity to experience art and some of the stories behind it.
National Gallery of Art-Kids


"Elections...the American Way" is now available for K-12 educators from the Learning Page, American Memory web site. We hope it will be useful in helping your students understand how America got where we "are" with elections; how things have changed,and how they have remained the same; and what an important and precious privilege it is to be a participatory citizen who can vote.

Elections-The American Way


This Kid friendly site from the NW Territories is full of facts and fun.
Unbearably Cool


The University of Maryland's Diversity Database is a comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources.
Diversity Database-UM


Hes cute, hes sleepy, and hes in your pocket. Hes Pompthe napping little baby on the new Sacagawea dollar coin.
Pomp-The True Story


This online activity makes multicultural studies come alive! You'll watch video, learn about issues, read and write opinions, and see what others think too. You'll discover connections and differences between a rainforest society, your own culture, and other communities of students.

Cultural Debates Online


Redwire Headquarters are based in Vancouver BC. The uncensored mag has been around for 3 years. We now publish 2 different mags 4 times a year. One is an uncensored National magazine. The other is a BC-wide Native Youth Job-Infozine. We have a radio show and are on air 3 times a month.

Our Publishing Ethic is Pride and Honour. Respect for the writers words. We don't edit, or temper down harsh views. ect. In Canada 60% of the Native publication is under the age of 25. Our political leaders sometimes forget that their decisions will impact the next Seven Generations. The opinions of young people hardly get through to the decision making tables. Redwire is really important in that real opinions, views and wisdom from Native Youth from all over Canada are getting printed and taken more seriously.


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