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December 16, 2000 - Issue 25


In Respect and Honor

by ErthAvenger

 Pidamaya yedo

It is now coming to the time of year when it is the anniversary of the trek of Wounded Knee from Cheyenne River to Wounded Knee Creek.

With respect, I would like to share these two poems that were written in honor and respect to those who died at Wounded Knee and also for the Riders, the Oomaka Tokatakiya, who make the trek each year on horseback to Wounded Knee.


The wind blows softly through the grass,
Of yellow, brown and gold.
They sway in Tribute for those lost,
Their mournful stories unfold
The path that leads up to the hill,
Where buried families lay.
Echoes the sounds of horses hooves,
The ground feels to this day.
The graves--all still--and yet--there's sound,
Of voices through the air.
Those cries you hear--theyre not the wind,
Souls- asking you to care.
You stand there- still- as voices cry,
The tears begin to flow.
You feel their pain and sorrow deep,
Great Mystery's name--you call.
The Eagles cry from Sacred Sites,
Their screams heard far and wide.
" Do not forget-- what happened here!!"
Lest history tries to hide.
The heart connects with Spirits deep,
To join them in their prayer.
They plead to mend the Circle now,
All Nations--hands joined--to care.
The Prayer Ties wave with gentle winds,
To join the swaying grass.
All Earth responds with prayers of hope,
For peaceful souls at last.

Oct 30,1998 Copyright ErthAvengr


The ride began that winters day,
Mid thunderous hooves--Mother Earth did pray.
Her People fled--a trek--from harm,
As Earth's great Spirits--sound alarm.
The drumbeats carry--through the snow,
Encourage strength as fierce winds blow.
The sick, the old--with children too,
Seek peace and hope to live anew.
The shame from those who's hearts were cold,
Brings tears of sorrow-- from young and old.
Our Mother too--cries tears of pain,
Cavalry's hearts-- show whos to blame.
The Spirits join with those in trek,
To honor, pray and pay respect.
The sage burns full in memories still,
As present trek---that journey's fulfilled.
The Trek--which ended once in shame,
Now resumes for years--- in honor claimed.
Reclaim in spirit, strength and peace,
For Hoops renewal--and souls release.
The ride now continues to Wounded Knee,
The Future Generations- Oomaka Tokatakiya.
We ride with them--in heart and soul,
To heal the Hoop---------and honor all.
The cold is there--we feel it's sting,
Of memories full- it's sadness brings.
Remind us of a year long past,
But strength grows through--toward peace--at last.
To bring the Old with honor filled,
Old Ways to live--all air is stilled.
Earth's joy to feel that strength--comes full,
Old Ways to live--" you feel the pull?"
The dreambeats through the Earth are felt,
With hooves and hearts--Earth's creatures knelt.
Connect Creator's love for all,
The Riders songs-------they're Mother's call.
We know the families- their bond- it's true,
Theyre those who lived- to carry through.
Their strength through heart- with Spirit Guides,
Are historys link to those who died.
" The Eagle cries!" " The Buffalo rise!"
The Four Winds carry strength to those who ride,
Mother Earth gives blessing- Her People- pray,
The Hoop- to heal- it's day by day.
The Riders' songs through strength of will,
Their purpose- strong- with honor still.
Gives Hoop a strength to mend through Earth,
" Lakota Dream"--a joy--rebirth!!

Kici ota yuonihan
with much respect
1998 Copyright ErthAvengr



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