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December 16, 2000 - Issue 25


This Date In North American Indian History

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Dec. 16, 1811: The New Madrid earthquake takes place today on the Mississippi River. Many tribes will tell tales of this event for generations.
Dec. 17, 1890: Sitting Bull and the police killed during his arrest are buried with honor. Today, members of the HUNKPAPA SIOUX arrive at Big Foot's camp of MINNECONJOU SIOUX seeking refuge. However, today will also see the issuing of an arrest warrant for Big Foot, himself, for his part as a "trouble maker" in the ghost dance religion.

Sitting Bull

Dec. 18, 1888: Mesa Verde "discovered."
Dec. 19, 1829: The State of Georgia would enact a law today which would extend State boundaries over a sizeable section of the CHEROKEE Nation. The law stated that anyone within this area after June 1, 1830 would be subject to Georgia laws. All CHEROKEE laws would become null after the June date as well. The Act also stated that an Indian could not be a witness in any court in the State. It also became a crime for anyone to promote the cause of not emigrating to Indian Territory.
Dec. 20, 1812: 1812: Sacajawea dies at Ft. Manuel, South Dakota, according to some sources.

Dec. 21, 1866: The "Fetterman Massacre" happens today.
Dec. 22, 1973: The MENOMINEE Restoration Act is passed.
Dec. 23, 1855: White volunteers surround a "friendly" ROGUE RIVER Indian village they had visited the day before. The village is mostly unarmed. The whites attack, and 19 Indian men are killed. The women and children are driven into the cold. The survivors will arrive at Fort Lane, in southwestern Oregon, with severe frostbite, and frozen limbs.
Dec. 24, 1776: Washington asks the PASSAMAQUODDY for help in the Revolutionary War.
Dec. 25, 1837: Col.Zachary Taylor and 1,000 troops will fight with the SEMINOLEs on the northern edge of Lake Okeechobee, Florida, today. The SEMINOLEs will lose 14 dead. Taylor's forces will lose a little over two dozen dead, and 112 wounded during the battle. This will be one of the largest battles of the war. SEMINOLE war Chief Halpatter Tuatennuggee (Alligator) will be lead a group of 150 SEMINOLEs and 70 year old Chief Sam Jones will lead 200 warriors during the fighting. The SEMINOLEs will escape into the swamps after the battle. Chief Jones would be one the SEMINOLEs who would never leave Florida.
Dec. 26, 1862: The thirty-eight SANTEE SIOUX condemed for their actions in the "SANTEE Uprising" will be hanged today at Mankato, Minnesota. This will be the largest mass hanging in American History.

Mankato, Mn. Dec. 26, 1862

Dec. 27, 1845: A New York Morning News editorial says today: "...our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us."
Dec. 28, 1791: Today, CHEROKEE Chief Bloody Fellow, and others, arrive in Philadelphia to meet with President Washington. The meeting will be delayed by Secretary of War Knox until the CHEROKEEs have been outfitted in "more proper" clothing. The eventual meeting would lead to an addenda to the Holston Treaty which will be signed on February 17,1792.
Dec. 29, 1890: Wounded KneeMassacre

Frederick Remington's Painting of the Massacre

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