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December 30, 2000 - Issue 26


A Request From Belgium

 art: Virginia Stroud Sisterhood

I'm a Belgian teacher Social Activities (also French/History). With my students I developed a basic idea for a better world, idea which we resumed in one sentence. We would like to see the sentence translated in as many languages as possible - also minority languages - (already 197 at this moment!!! and 361 "versions"). Maybe you could send us a translation in Native American language f.e. Ojibwa, ...... (we received translations from several organisations, schools, Universities,...)

The project also has the official label : Netd@ys Europe 2000.

The sentence:

"We want to build a safe world where all children, well educated, optimally can develop all their talents so that now and later they can help each other in a spirit of solidarity, trust and mutual respect."

We hope the message pleases you! It already has been presented in Belgian Senate, to the European Commission and to the Belgian Queen and King (November 19 and 24 nov. 2000). The president from Bulgarian Parliament read the message in Bulgarian language in Belgian Senate! It will be presented in European Parliament and in UNO (special conference about youth by UNICEF) in September 2001: great occasion to promote your work too!!! All translations are in a book which will be presented.

Thank you very much for your kindness. My students also are already looking for information about Native American's culture and history. You already can find 59 translations at

Thank you very much.
Frans Medaer

Please: send translation to:



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