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December 30, 2000 - Issue 26


Make Your Very Own Celebration


Party Noisemaker


What You'll Need:
Colorful beads
Colored tape
Clear plastic cocktail glasses

1. Take 2 cocktail glasses and fill 1 with about a handful of colored beads.  
2. Next take the other glass and put it on top of the one with beads and line up the rims.  
3. Grab your colored tape and tape them together and your ready to start shaking!  

Bell Noisemaker


What You'll Need:
Several jingle bells
Dental floss
Unsharpened pencil

1. Tie a length of dental floss to each bell. Use double knots.  
2. Tape the bells near the top of the pencil. You'll want to tape them there by the strings, and you'll want to tape them nice and tight.  
3. Cut off the excess string. When midnight comes, ring in the new year by shaking the pencil!  



What You'll Need:
Construction paper in different colors
A bag
Your parents' permission to throw it

1. Cut the construction paper into little bitty squares and put it in the bag.  
2. Close the bag and shake it to mix up the different colors.  
3. At midnight on New Year's Eve... toss the confetti in the air by the handful!  



What You'll Need:
Typing paper
Markers (preferably neon)
Drinking straw

1. Fold the typing paper in half the long way. Cut it along the fold.
2. Take one half of the typing paper and fold it into thirds. Tape it shut to make a flattened tube. Then, fold about 1/4" of one end of the tube and tape it securely.  
3. Decorate the tube by drawing on it with markers. Make any kind of picture or crazy design you like!  
4. Cut a one or two-inch piece of drinking straw. Slip it partway inside the paper tube and tape it there, making sure you make that end of the tube as airtight around the straw as you can. (You may have to fold the paper around it partway.)  
5. Curl the tube very tightly around the pencil and hold it there for about 30 seconds. Release it, blow into the straw, and see what happens!  



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