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January 13, 2001 - Issue 27



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by Vicki Lockard from various sources


Welcome to the CBC4Kids World Wide Web site. We hope you and your children enjoy the information, games, interesting facts and interactivity this site offers.

For more than sixty years, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has brought Canadians a radio service which aims to inform, enlighten and entertain. CBC Radio is devoted to the goals of public broadcasting and public service and endeavours to create programs that appeal to the full range of interests of its listeners.

The CBC4Kids Web site applies these same ideals to the Internet, focusing on children aged 8-14. Our aim is to create a safe, entertaining and informative place for kids to explore, while stimulating their curiosity, their desire to learn, and their sense of country.
CBC4Kids, as the name indicates, offers interactive, online games
for elementary students.
Primary Games


 This month's Math Concepts focus on the Iditarod Sled Race. Prepare for your classroom lessons with an array of supporting material—time charts, checkpoint guides and a map as well as a history and background of the Iditarod. A list of other supporting print and Web resources is included as well; in the Careers section, you'll find a related article supporting this theme.
PBS Mathline: Concepts -- The Iditarod


Long before European explorers sailed to Hawaii the natives of Hawaii were already sailing the high seas. Not only did they have the knowledge of how to sail and navigate between the Hawaian islands, but between other islands in the Pacific Ocean as far away as New Zealand as well. And they could do this without the aid of compasses, maps, or the ability to write. These native islanders had a deep understanding of the way the ocean currents and the stars moved and they used this knowledge to find their way across a vast ocean. Come explore with us as we learn how they did it.
Voyage to Hawaii


See The Baby Elephant Born at The Seattle Zoo.
This site has very little to do with Native America in modern times.
But it so cute! You have to see it!
Seattle Zoo


 About 500 years ago, the Navajo Nation moved from the Northwest to the American Southwest. There they learned the art of rug weaving from the Pueblo Indians. The Navajo became very good at weaving and developed it into an art of their own. The Navajo used geometrical shapes and designs in their rugs. Geometry is the study of shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares. These shapes can be found on the rugs that they make.
Native American Geometry


What is a web page? How does it work?
Web Page Design-National Indian Telecommunications Institute


The 2001 Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race will begin February 11 in Whitehorse, YT.
The fastest racers will probably finish about 10 days
later in Fairbanks, AK. Yukon Quest teacher resources and
educational activities (for students of many ages) can be found at
Yukon Quest Educational Activities


Just southeast of Rochester, New York, in the town of Victor, lies Ganondagan
(ga·NON·da·gan), the site of a Native American community that was a
flourishing, vibrant center for the Seneca people.
Ganondagan State Historical Site




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