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January 27, 2001 - Issue 28



Statement for


World Peace and Prayer Day 2001


by Chief Arvol Looking Horse



For the sake of future generations, we have come to this place of great urgency!

When I was twelve years old, words of prophecies were instilled in me by our Spiritual Elders of that time, concerning drastic changes that would come to all life upon Mother Earth. These changes are here with us today. I was told that a sign of these changes called the cross-roads would come to pass when the spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman would once again stand upon Mother Earth, which I never believed that I would witness. The first white buffalo was born in 1994 and since then eight have been born.

From our Sacred Alters I am devastated for my relatives to the four directions, how life of Peace and Harmony is our hands for the future of our children and looks very bleak. I have witnessed the last stages of beautiful cultures and traditions that have maintained the connection to Mother Earth are now in the stages of dark times.

Our ceremonies directed us to call upon many Nations to recognize the power and spiritual connection of the Sacred Sites that dwell every 100 miles upon Mother Earth in order to create an energy shift to bring back the balance of life. We now realize that it will take this kind monumental effort, along with prayers and belief to heal the O-zone layer that is depleting every moment causing these drastic changes toward all life, including the negative influences in our minds toward on another. I have witnessed the growth in the disease of the mind, which has caused much suffering to Mitakuye Oyasin (all our relations meaning ALL life).

I have been very moved by the participation of Nations sponsoring their own WPPD ceremony at their Sacred Sites, which continues to grow in our Global community, since we began this ceremony in 1996 on Turtle Island (Americas), but more awareness needs to take place. This year is a continuing journey of this important event on June 21st, around the world to four continents of the four colors of relatives; we have always represented these colors in our sacred ceremonies. We begin this journey in Lower Pertwood, England in Europe and the following years of the June 21st ceremony will be in Africa, Australia, and Japan then back to Turtle Island (Americas) for a thank you ceremony. I pray that as we visit the different Nations on their Homelands, we will continue to awaken their spirituality and the importance of their Sacred Sites, in building our relationship toward healing our Sacred Mother Earth and bring back the dignity of respecting one another!

I Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nation, humblely ask that the spirit of great Nations help us to heal our sacred Mother Earth (Unci Maka). Reverend Yamato, a Buddhist Monk from Japan has heard my plea and is now working along with me. As the initiator of the Global Peace Walk Project in 1993, he is asking for a Global Peace Walk from Sacred Sites to the WPPD event site. I call upon other Spiritual Leaders and Ancient Storytellers to work together on this urgent effort!"

In the Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!

Mitakuye Oyasin,
Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

World Peace and Prayer Day




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