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april 7, 2001 - Issue 33



Let's Go Fly a Kite!!!


Materials Needed:

  • 1 daily newspaper small town or 1 section from a large city paper (entertainment, sports, etc)
  • Pattern for a kite or butterfly
  • assorted tempera paints (white is a necessity)
  • paint brushes
  • shoe boxes (lids or other large shallow containers)
  • glue
  • ribbon (for kite's bows on tail)
  • yarn (tails)
  • colored wire or pipe cleaners (for butterflies antennas)
  • paper hole punch
  • paper
  • scissors

Procedure: (Please note: The step illustrations shown here are for the kite shape only but the procedure remains the same.)

  1. Each student should receive 1 newspaper or section of a large paper and appropriate seasonal pattern.
  2. Demonstrate tracing the pattern onto the newspaper as illustrated. Hold paper together securely as you cut the pattern.
  3. Demonstrate spreading an even layer of glue across paper shape as shown. Go all the way to the edges. (this can be explained as spreading the butter (glue) on the bread (paper). Show how to repeat this process until all layers have been used.
  4. Smooth out to bond together well. Select shoe box lid or other container. Arrange bread and butter shape into container to achieve a 3D shape. Let dry overnight until hardened.
  5. Paint a layer of white paint over newsprint to cover the print. Let dry.
  6. Using assorted tempra paints, color butterfly or other designs on kite shapes. Let dry. Remember to do both sides!
  7. Use hole punch to make 2 small holes in head area of butterfly.
  8. Use colored wire or pipe cleaners to form antennas and twist to secure.
  9. To complete the kites, punch holes in all four corners. String yarn across as illustrated, knot where necessary. String a longer length of yarn from bottom hole, knotting to form kite tail. Tie short pieces of ribbon along tail.
  10. To display, hang a tree branch from ceiling and display butterflies from it to form hanging mobile.

step one

step two

step three

step four

step nine


step ten

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