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april 7, 2001 - Issue 33



Montreal Throat Singing Festival


 photo: EVIE Tullaugaq MARK et SARAH Arnaluk BEAULNE.

Inuit women do it, Tibetan monks do it, the nomads of Tuva and Mongolia do it!

The extraordinary ability of these people to produce two notes from a single voice fills the air with magical, otherworldly music! Under the direction of these skilled musicians, we too can learn to produce these exciting and exotic sounds.

THE MONTREAL THROAT SINGING FESTIVAL is offering us a unique opportunity to discover these ancient vocal techniques. Under the auspices of BERNARD DUBREUIL and his joyful band of Montreal throat singers, the first MONTREAL THROAT SINGING FESTIVAL will be presented April 13, 14 and 15, 2001.

The spokesperson for this year's festival will be popular singer PETER PRINGLE. Following his career as a heartthrob in the late 1970's and 80's, Peter turned his attention to such unusual musical instruments as the Celtic harp, the surbahar, and the theremin. Peter has also been both a student and a fan of throat singing since he lived in a Tibetan monastery in the early 1970's.

THE MONTREAL THROAT SINGING FESTIVAL is bringing together the three best known throat singing traditions of the world: those of the Far North, of Tibet and of Central Asia. Everything has been brought carefully together so that music lovers of all kinds can come and discover the songs, the vibrations and the enchantments - the best of three worlds.

Following the interactive lecture, a concert will be presented by The Globe- Glotters, the only group of musicians that presents throatsinging in all the many forms in which it is found throughout the world. Sometimes strictly traditional (as throatsinging is among the cultures of Nunnavik, Tibet and Tuva), sometimes delightfully modern and innovative, their concerts are always both interesting and exciting as Montrealers already know from the Globe- Glotters Radio-Canada appearances and their participation at the Imperial Cinema in the creation of live soundtracks for the classic silent film masterpieces NOSFERATU and METROPOLIS. Throat singer STEVE SKLAR will be performing the first part of this unusual concert.

The secret of the musical rainbow
This special workshop designed for children, has been offered in many schools throughout Quebec since 1995. Kids (who are always open to the adventure of new discoveries) are introduced to the ways in which they can produce two sounds with their voices, instead of only one. The children will conduct hands-on experiments and learn the distinctive "feel" of harmonic resonances. The key to the success of these workshops is that kids have fun while they're learning.

Listen to the Globe Glotters perform "Croteau flamenco"

Croteau flamenco


Montreal Throat Singing Festival




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