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May 19, 2001 - Issue 36



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May 5, 1969: Today, N. Scott Momaday becomes the first American Indian to win a Pulitzer Prize for House Made of Dawn.

N. Scott Momaday

May 6, 1851: Today, the CHEROKEE Nation will open its men's seminary (high school) near Park Hill in the eastern part of Indian Territory. The CHEROKEEs would provide all of the funding for the school. The female's seminary will open tomorrow.
May 7, 1868: An act today will establish the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana.
May 8, 1827: Today, cantonment Leavenworth is established as a military base to protect travelers on the Santa Fe trail from "hostile Indians." Eventually renamed Fort Leavenworth, the base will house many Army expeditions against the Indians of the central plains. The fort is the oldest permanent U.S. Army military base west of the Missouri River.

The Rookery, Fort Leavenworth (Oldest House in Kansas)

May 9, 1885: Today through the 12th, events in the Second Riel Rebellion take place in Canada.
May 10, 1864: Today, CHEROKEE Stand Watie is promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. He will be the first Indian to reach that rank. He will also be the last Confederate General to surrender at the end of the Civil War.
May 11, 1864: On this date, the third group of NAVAJOs to take the "long walk" from the Canyon de Chelly to the Bosque Redondo Reservation, finally arrive at their destination. Of the 946 who start the trip, 110 will die in route due to severe winter weather conditions, and inadequate provisions.
May 12, 1838: S.T.Cross, and 177 CHOCTAWs, arrive in eastern Indian Territory, at Choctaw Landing, near Fort Coffee. Many of the CHOCTAWs are sick, lame, or old.
May 13, 1916: The Society of American Indians established today as "Indian Day" to recognize, honor, and improve Indians' conditions.

Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala Sa)
Elected Secretary of the Society of American Indians in 1916
Founded the National Congress of American Indians in 1926

May 14, 1971: San Carlos Reservation community radio station "SCCR" is dedicated today. It will be advertized as the first radio station on an American Indian reservation.
May 15, 1876: The following reservations are established by President Grant, by Executive Order, today, in San Bernardino county, california, for the MISSION Indians of Southern California: PORTRERO, MISSION, AGUA CALIENTE, TORROS, VILLAGE, and CABEZON.
May 16, 1704: After the Pennsylvania assembly passed a law prohibiting the sale of rum to local Indians, the rum traders ignored the law. Today, in Philadelphia, SUSQUEHANNA Chief Oretyagh addresses the Pennsylvanians about the depredations that alcohol has caused his people. His speech will be moving, but the traders will still sell their wares.
May 17, 1893: Pressured by the government to sell the Cherokee Strip section of Indian Territory, today, the CHEROKEE Nation will ratify the sale of the land. They will receive approximately $1.31 an acre for over 6.5 million acres of land. The "run" for this land will happen on September 16, 1893.

Cherokee Strip Land Run 1893

May 18, 1839: Today, General Alexander Macomb will announce the peace terms with the SEMINOLEs. The SEMINOLEs will be able to stay in Florida, if they remain near Lake Okechobee.
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