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June 30, 2001 - Issue 39



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June 30, 1804: Colonel Benjamin Hawkins and Congressman David Meriwether represent the United States in a treaty conference with the CREEKs. The meeting which begin today are held in Tuckabatchee, near modern-day Tallassee, Alabama. The United States wants more lands along the Ocmulgee River, and the right to build a road through CREEK lands. The conference will last for a month.

photo - Mission San Xavier del Bac
Mission San Xavier del Bac

July 1, 1874: President Grant, by Executive Order today, will establish the PAPAGO Reserve in the Pima Agency, near Mission San Xavier del Bac, in Arizona. The reservation will be for the PAPAGO Indians, and it will cover 43 square miles. The reservation was authorized by an Act of Congress on August 5, 1882 (22 stat.299)

July 2, 1956: Today, according to federal register number 21fr05067, mineral rights on reservation land in wyoming will be restored to tribal ownership.

July 3, 1868: (15 stat.673) This treaty will create the Wind River Reservation for the SHOSHONE and ARAPAHO tribes. It will cover 2,828 square miles of Wyoming and will be occupied by the Northern ARAPAHO and Eastern SHOSHONE.

photo - Washakie, Chief of the Shoshones
Washakie, Chief of the Shoshones

July 4, 1805: One year ago, Presbyterian Minister Gideon Blackburn opened a school for CHEROKEE children in the Overhill villages. Today he will provide a demonstration by his "little CHEROKEEs". Before an audience of CHEROKEE Chiefs and Governor John Sevier, the children will show their ability to read and write in English, and to do math. Both the CHEROKEEs and the whites would be greatly impressed by the presentation.

July 5, 1873: A tract of land is set aside as a reserve for "GROSS VENTRE, PIEGAN, BLOOD, BLACKFEET, RIVER CROW and other Indians" in Montana by Executive Order today.

July 6, 1883: President Grant, by Executive Order today, establishes the Yuma reserve in the MISSION TULE Agency, in California. The reservation will cover 74.75 square miles, and be the home for the YUMA APACHE tribe. The reserve will be modified by an order on August 15, 1894. The reservation will be cancelled entirely by another order on January 9, 1884.

July 7, 1846: Admiral Sloat claims California for U.S. today.

July 8, 1970: President Nixon asks Congress to "expressly renounce, repudiate, and repeal the termination policy as expressed in House Concurrent Resolution 108 of the 83rd Congress." He feels termination is wrong & unacceptable.

photo - Structural model of a Hidatsa-Mandan earthworks house
Structural model of a Hidatsa-Mandan earthworks house

July 9, 1981: The Lakota Times is first pubished.

July 10, 1900: When the ARIKARA approved the severalty allotment of their lands, on this date, they became citizens of the United States.

July 11, 1713: After the conclusion of "Queen Anne's War" in 1712, local settlers, and the ABNAKI Indians finally sign a peace treaty today. This will formally end the fighting in the area. Minor incidents will still occur.

July 12, 1861: After negotiations with Confederate Agent Albert Pike, the CHICKASAWs, and CHOCTAWs sign a treaty with the Confederacy, almost exactly the same as that signed by the CREEKs two days ago. CHEROKEE troops, under Stand Watie, will be sworn into the Confederate Army, today. Stand Watie will be made a Colonel.

photo - The Acoma Pueblo sits atop a mesa.
The Acoma Pueblo sits atop a mesa.

July 13, 1973: New Mexico is told no State Income Taxes can be levied against reservation Indians.

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