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August 11, 2001 - Issue 42


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Aug 11, 1988: The ALEUT receive restitution for loses in WWII today.

Aug 12, 1831: George Gaines, a white man the CHOCTAWs trust, is appointed Special Agent to supervise the "collection and removal" of the CHOCTAWs to the west bank of the Mississippi River. Here they will be turned over to the Army. The CHOCTAWs wanted Gaines to handle the entire process. They felt he would not exploit them. George was the younger brother of General Edmund Gaines.

Aug 13, 1954: Federal Termination Act today says that Tribes will no longer receive Federal "help."

Sitting Bull

Aug 14, 1872: Major E.M.Baker, and troops f,g,h,and l, second cavalry, and companies c,e,g, and i, seventh infantry are near Pryor's Fork, Montana, when they are attacked by several hundred CHEYENNE & SIOUX. According to Army files, one soldier, and 1 citizen, are killed. Three soldiers are wounded. The Indian tally is 2 killed, and 10 wounded, "most of them mortally". During some of the fighting Sitting Bull sits in an open area and smokes. He does this while soldiers shoot at him. It is to prove his bravery.

Aug. 15, 1862: The SANTEE SIOUX's annuity has not arrived on time. On 8/5, the SANTEE surrounded the food warehouse serving the upper villages. The soldiers allowed them to take the food. The commander told Agent Thomas Galbraith to give the Indians the food on credit. The Indians got Galbraith to promise to distribute food to the SANTEEs in the lower villages. Today, Galbraith joins 4 local traders at the lower villages. The Indians soon realize Galbraith does not plan on distributing the food until the money arrives. Galbraith asks the local traders what they want to do. Andrew Myrick says, "If they are hungry, let them eat grass or their own dung." This comment would come back to haunt him when the SANTEEs revolt. The SANTEEs are furious, but they leave.

Clarence Three Irens Crow child Participating in Crow Fair parade.
© Photo by Dennis Sanders

Aug. 16, 1873: A tract of land is set aside as a reservation for the CROW Indians as part of an agreement signed today.

Aug. 17, 1936: According to Federal Register Number 1FR01226, today, the Government will order the purchase of land to create the Flandreau Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Aug. 18, 1863: As a part of the Canyon de Chelly Campaign, Kit Carson, and General James Charlatan, were trying to starve the NAVAJOs into submission. Today, General Charlatan will put a bounty on NAVAJO livestock. Every good horse or mule would bring twenty dollars, quite a sum for those days. Each sheep would earn one dollar.

Aug. 19, 1960: On March 3, 1921, the Federal Government set aside land on the Fort Peck Indian reservation, in Montana, to establish the townsite of Lodge Pole. Today, by Public Land Order number 2184, several "undisposed of" lots within the townsite are returned to tribal ownership.

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Aug. 20, 1851: One in a series of treaties with California Indians is signed today at Lipayuma. This treaty says it will set aside lands for the Indians and protect them from Americans.

Aug. 21, 1871: Treaty Number Two (Manitoba Post Treaty), is concluded between the Canadian Government, and the CHIPPEWA. They sell 35,700 square miles of land, in exchange for certain reservation lands, an annuity, schools and other items.

Aug. 22, 1883: The Dawes Commission is sent to Dakota Territory to determine if the methods used to obtain SIOUX signatures on a land ceding treaty were fair. Today, Sitting Bull will address the commission at the Standing Rock Agency. The commissioners will treat Sitting Bull as any other SIOUX. Sitting Bull will be offended for not being treated as a great leader. He will lead the SIOUX out of the meeting. Eventually, he will be convinced by fellow SIOUX that he was not insulted, and he would meet with the commission a second time. This time it is the commissioners who are offended. Their efforts are to mold the Indians into white men. Sitting Bull will not accept this attitude.

Aug. 23, 1724: British forces under Capt. Moulton stage a supprise attack on an ABENAKI village at Norridgewock. 27 people, including a resident French priest Father Rasles, would be scalped by the English. The village would be burned. This would be a big blow to the spirit of the local Indians.

Captain Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea) 1742-1807
by Romney, National Archives of Canada, C-019352

Aug. 24, 1781: Joseph Brant, and his MOHAWK warriors, trips an ambush against the Pennsylvania militia, led by Archibald Lochry, in Indiana, on the Ohio River. Brant routs the militia.

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