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December 15, 2001 - Issue 51


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Dec. 15, 1970: Blue Lake will be returned to the TAOS PUEBLOs.

Dec. 16, 1841: Today, the CHEROKEE National Council will establish a school system for their Nation. There will be 11 schools in 8 districts. Subjects of study will include reading, writing, arithmetic, English grammar, geography, bookkeeping, and history. Within a dozen years, this systems will better organized that those for whites in Missouri, and Arkansas.
Sitting Bull

Dec. 17, 1890: Sitting Bull and the police killed during his arrest are buried with honor. Today, members of the HUNKPAPA SIOUX arrive at Big Foot's camp of MINNECONJOU SIOUX seeking refuge. However, today will also see the issuing of an arrest warrant for Big Foot, himself, for his part as a "trouble maker" in the ghost dance religion.

Dec. 18, 1812: After successfully attacking, and burning, 2 peaceful MIAMI and DELAWARE Indian villages, and fighting to a draw in another village, yesterday. Col. John Campbell, and almost 600 American volunteers have camped for the night near one of the destroyed villages on the Mississinewa River. They are there to prevent the hitherto peaceful tribes from joining Tecumseh's Rebellion, and attacking William Henry Harrison's rear flank as he engages detroit. The MIAMIs consider yesterday's attacks on villages who had pledged not to support Tecumseh's "Rebellion" as nothing more than an unprovoked massacre. Today the MIAMI's mount a retaliatory raid against Campbell's camp before dawn. They will kill 10 soldiers, and wound 48 more, before they withdraw. Campbell will give up his expedition along the river after this attack.

Dec. 19, 1829: The State of Georgia would enact a law today which would extend State boundaries over a sizeable section of the CHEROKEE Nation. The law stated that anyone within this area after June 1, 1830 would be subject to Georgia laws. All CHEROKEE laws would become null after the June date as well. The Act also stated that an Indian could not be a witness in any court in the State. It also became a crime for anyone to promote the cause of not emigrating to Indian Territory.

Dec. 20, 1833: CREEKs meet, again, at Wetumpka, Alabama, and send another message to Secretary of War Lewis Cass about the State Authorities overruling the Federal authorities. The troops are leaving the area to jubilant white squatters.

Dec. 21, 1882: By Executive Order today, a tract of land will be set aside "for the use and occupancy of the TURTLE MOUNTAIN BAND of CHIPPEWA Indians" in Dakota Territory.

Menominee Reservation -NASA photo
This is the Wolf-Fox river watershed as seen from earth orbit. The Wolf River flows south through the Menominee Reservation, whose distinct straight boundaries outline heavy forests--a result of the tribe's sustainable forestry practices. The Wolf flows south into Lakes Poygan and Butte des Morts, where it joins with the north-flowing Fox River. The Upper Fox empties into Lake Winnebago, and the Lower Fox then emerges out the northern end of the lake, to empty into Green Bay.

Dec. 22, 1973: The MENOMINEE Restoration Act is passed.

Dec. 23, 1804: MANDANs offer Lewis and Clark food as trade.

Dec. 24, 1776: Washington asks the PASSAMAQUODDY for help in the Revolutionary War.

Dec. 25, 1858: Col.Miles, and the NAVAJOs, sign a peace treaty. The NAVAJOs agree to boundary lines to the south and east. Reparations must be made to the victims of the fighting. The army can establish a fort on NAVAJO lands. The peace would last a little less than half a year.

Dec. 26, 1862: The SANTEE SIOUX condemed for their actions in the "SANTEE Uprising" will be hanged today at Mankato, Minnesota. This will be the largest mass hanging in American History.

Garrison Dam photo
Garrison Dam North Dakota History

Dec. 27, 1946: Indians are relocated in North Dakota due to dam construction.

Dec. 28, 1791: Today, CHEROKEE Chief Bloody Fellow, and others, arrive in Philadelphia to meet with President Washington. The meeting will be delayed by Secretary of War Knox until the CHEROKEEs have been outfitted in "more proper" clothing. The eventual meeting would lead to an addenda to the Holston Treaty which will be signed on February 17,1792.

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