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January 12, 2002- Issue 53


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Former Tuba City High Grads Now Recruiting For Dartmouth

by Suetopka Thayer Navajo-Hopi Observer
credits: Photo by Adelbert Goldtooth, Principal, Tuba City High School

Former Tuba City High Grads Now Recruiting For DartmouthMore and more Tuba City High School graduates are currently attending and graduating from Ivy League schools and two such representatives were here to recruit from the Honors pool at Tuba City High.

Former graduates of Tuba City District, Sophina Manheimer, Dartmouth sophomore, and Nicole Norris, Dartmouth junior gave presentations to Tuba City high academic achievers regarding Dartmouth’s longstanding commitment to educating native students.

Manheimer noted that Dartmouth has a Native American House, a student residence and activity center, on campus. Manheimer, a pre-med student majoring in mathematics at Dartmouth is a class of 2000 graduate from TC High.

Norris noted that Dartmouth currently has the highest native student population of any of the current Ivy League schools, with a noted 39 native freshman this year.

NAD, (Native Americans at Dartmouth) is in its 30th year of operation. This coming 2002 Mother’s Day Week-end marks another Dartmouth Native American tradition, "The Dartmouth Pow-wow", is also in its 30th year of celebration.

Norris, a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Native American Studies, and graduate of TC High/Class of 99, "The transition from high school to college was difficult for me."

"I had retained some knowledge about math and biology due to the great teaching I received while at Tuba City High, but I was lacking in many other areas."

"I was able to overcome these shortcomings with the help of other students at NAD who had more experience than me. They took time out of their busy schedules to edit a paper, help me study for a test, or just help me relax from the daily stress of college life."

Thanks to the support of the NAD community, which served as "my family away from home" and my own family here in Tuba, I've made it through some rough times to get to junior status in a prestigious Ivy League school.

"Without this support, I doubt I could have come this far. I've not only received support from just my family and friends, but also from my high school teachers who helped me prepare for college."

"I would greatly urge students who apply to Dartmouth to challenge themselves and also apply for Dartmouth’s Native Fly-in Program that occurs every fall. Going to school here has opened up so many opportunities for me. I wouldn't want other talented students to miss an opportunity that may change their lives."

Parents of Nicole Norris are Brenda and Daniel Norris of Tuba City, her clan is Kinlichee’nii. Parent of Sophina Manheimer is Sylvia Seschillie of Cameron, her clan is Ashiihi’.


Native American Program at Dartmouth College
The Native American Program (NAP), a program of the Dean of the College area, provides student support services to Native students at Dartmouth. Its director, Michael Hanitchak works full time to help ensure that the best education available is gained by native students. Michael is himself a Dartmouth alum and was a student when the NAP was in its first years. Michael works with students, administrators, campus-wide faculty and other programs to insure the success of Native American students throughout their time here.

Tuba City, AZ

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