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January 12 , 2002 - Issue 53


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Hopi Athletics And Teachers Can Now Ride In Style To Long Distance Events

Story and Photo by Stan Bindell, Navajo-Hopi Observer

The Bruin BusPolacca, Ariz. Hopi Junior/Senior High School received a nice Christmas gift. Auto Safety House from Phoenix last week delivered a luxurious travel bus to the school.

Hopi Junior/Senior High School purchased the top of the line travel bus that will be used to transport students on long distance athletic and academic trips.

Ivan Sidney, president of Hopi Junior/Senior High School, said there have been recent safety issues with buses throughout America so they want to assure that Hopi High School students have the safest buses possible. Sidney noted that because of the remote location of Hopi High School that the students have to travel further than most schools to get to interscholastic competitions and field trips. "Safety is always our first concern, but we want our students to have comfort when they have to go a long way," he said. "We used to have small GSA vehicles that were tight and uncomfortable. Now, we have reading lights so students can do their work on long trips."

Sidney said the intent of Hopi parents is to always have the best for their children. He noted that Hopi Junior/Senior High School purchased its first travel bus five years ago, a second three years ago and this will be the third. The bus, unlike most school buses, also comes equipped with a rest room.

The bus, referred to as the Bruin bus, is 42 feet long and seats 47. It has luxurious seats with Native American designs and the outside of the bus also has Native American designs, but with the Bruin logo.

The Bruin logo can even be found on the rearview mirror. Sidney said the school board, administration and staff are proud of the continued improvements and will continue to seek the best for the students.

"This is something that every Hopi should be proud of," he said. Sidney emphasized that this is not part of BIA standards as Hopi High has upgraded its facilities-including football and baseball fields and wrestling room-during the past two years.

"This money was available due to the administration taking care of our funds," he said. "Now, it’s all of our responsibility to take care of the equipment."

Wallace Youvella Sr., vice president of the Hopi Junior/Senior High School Governing Board, said the new travel bus was "cool." He said safety and comfort are paramount, but he emphasized the importance of the individual lights above each seat that will allow students to work on their homework during long trips.

Youvella noted that students at Hopi Junior/Senior High can check laptops out of the library and bring them on the trips. The comfort and spaciousness on the bus will enable the students to work on the laptops during their long trips.

"Our students are doing well and they deserve the best. When the school opened, we couldn't afford a travel bus,"he said.

"Certainly the Hopi community should be proud that this transport is being supplied for students." Dr. Paul Reynolds, superintendent of Hopi Junior/Senior High School, also emphasized the safety and comfort. "This is a well-constructed bus that will give the students all the conveniences of traveling," he said. "The students have a great deal of pride in this bus."

Hal Hoover, bus sales representative for Auto Safety House, said this travel bus was a good choice because of its safety, comfort and storage features. "It meets all commercial bus safety standards," he said.

"It’s designed for long trips. It’s not designed as a route bus."

On another education issue, Sidney noted that two members of the school board were not re-elected, and two new board members will take their place in January.

"I’m confident that the new school board members will fit in, recognize the accomplishments of the school and continue to work for the enhancement of education," he said.


Hopi Junior/Senior High School
It is the sincere belief of Hopi Junior/Senior High School that all children can learn. Students shall be provided the educational opportunity to participate in their education and to reach their maximum potential. We recognize the diversity of Native American culture and traditions and will affirm this diversity whenever and wherever possible. The school shall instill a desire for students to attend school daily, increase parent and community involvement, and create a positive environment for learning. It is the sincere belief that graduates of Hopi Junior/Senior High School will become self-supporting, contributing members of society.

Polacca, AZ

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