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March 9, 2002 - Issue 56


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Tribal Resource Institute in Business, Engineering, and Science (TRIBES)
Summer Program 2002
June 13-July 26


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If you are a graduating American Indian high school senior planning to attend college to study math, business, science, engineering or other technical-related fields, the Tribal Resource Institute in Business, Engineering, & Science (TRIBES) will prepare you for today’s challenges as well as future opportunities. As Tribal communities begin to grow and develop in their social and economic infrastructures, tribal leaders recognize the need for committed Native youth to provide the leadership, expertise, and cultural sensitivity essential for our Native communities’ prosperity and protection. In an effort to build self-sufficient and self-governing nations, Tribal leaders of the CERT Education Fund, Inc. (CEFI) have created a unique program to help students develop knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life for Native communities. TRIBES is one opportunity which enables you and other Indian youth to share and fulfill leadership roles in your community.

TRIBES is sponsored by the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT), a Tribal organization of fifty-two North American Indian Tribes dedicated to serving Indian youth through the CERT Education Fund, Inc. (CEFI). A component in CEFI’s education mission, TRIBES is a ground-breaking academic enrichment program offered during the summer after students graduate from high school and before they enter their first year of college. Approximately 30 American Indian students from across the country, and some from Canada, gather at the University of New Mexico to live and attend classes together for seven weeks. The rigorous course schedule integrates math, writing and Tribal government curricula to focus on Tribal issues and strategies to address those issues.

In addition to academic enhancement, the students are introduced to essential college survival tips, easing student adjustment to the cultural transition and demands of college study. The academic experience is balanced by Tribal community service projects, a culture camp-out and field trips where students interact with Tribal leaders, elders, professionals and community members. Other weekend activities are planned throughout the summer to give students a break from their studies. Most of all, TRIBES students form lasting bonds with each other, and together, develop a singular commitment to secure the future for their people.

CERT member Tribes have initiated many funding opportunities to invest over $12,000 in every student who participates in the program. Therefore, there is no cost to the student to attend TRIBES, except round-trip travel to the TRIBES host university, the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. The benefits of successfully graduating from the program include up to nine hours of transferable college credit and eligibility for annual $1,000 CERT scholarships for up to five years of college study. In addition, alumni have special consideration for CERT Tribal Internships.

So, if you are an American Indian student who will graduate from high school soon and are ready to face a challenge, TRIBES is the next step to prepare you for ensuring American Indian Tribes prosper in the 21st century and beyond. You have very little to lose…Your People have everything to gain.

Our future leaders must recognize their chance to help a child as more than a priority or responsibility, but as a sacred gift. [CEFI] may be ahead of their time in understanding this. TRIBES was a stepping stone for which I am very grateful to have been a part of. It acted as a catalyst by first giving me an opportunity to make that step of leaving home, putting me through a challenging curriculum, providing a social environment to learn from, and through a combination of these experiences, being able to learn who I am.
Gregory Parker (Northern Cheyenne)
Inaugural Norman Hollow Tribal Leadership
Award Recipient

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