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March 23, 2002 - Issue 57


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Mar. 23, 1730: Today in Keowee, western North Carolina, Sir Alexander Cuming will hold a conference with 300 CHEROKEE Chiefs. Using threats and gifts, Cuming will get the CHEROKEEs to agree to acknowledge King George II of England as their sovereign.

Mar. 24, 1880: Three Dozen SIOUX make off with 30 horses belonging to CROW Indian scouts, at Fort Custer, in south-central Montana. Captain John Mix, and 44 soldiers from Troop C, Second Cavalry, cover 65 miles in 11 hours to catch the SIOUX. During a skirmish, 16 of the stolen horses are recovered.

Chief Moses (Sulktalthscosum) c. 1888
Chief Moses (Sulktalthscosum) c. 1888
Mar. 25, 1899: Chief Moses, Chief of the Middle Oregon Tribes for the last 40 years, dies today. He will be buried in Coleville Agency near Nespelem.

Mar. 26, 1973: A Native American mass will be held in New York City at Saint John the Divine Cathedral. Almost 4,000 people will attend.

Sacheen Littlefeather accepts Marlon Brando's Best Actor Oscar.
Sacheen Littlefeather accepts Marlon Brando's Best Actor Oscar.
Mar. 27, 1973: Sacheen Littlefeather refuses Marlon Brando's Oscar as a protest against media and governmental mistreatment of American Indians.

Mar. 28, 1957: A court rules today that Montana State Courts "are without jurisdiction to try an Indian for the crime of larceny committed somewhere within the external boundaries of the BLACKFEET Indian Reservation, although conceivably the offense could have been committed within the town of Browning, Montana located on the reservation."

Mar. 29, 1676:

As a part of King Philip's War, a band of NARRAGANSET Indians will attack Providence, Rhode Island, today. All but one of the settlers will retreat to the garrison. The remaining settler will be killed. Many of the other structures in the village will be burned to the ground.

Mar. 30, 1854: Indians successfully attack, and defeat a company of dragoons at Cieneguilla, New Mexico.

Mar. 31, 1793:

Moses Cockrell, and a few whites, are leading pack animals across Powell's Mountain. Today, they will be attacked by CHICKAMAUGA Chief Captain Bench, and his followers. All of the Europeans will be killed except Cockrell, who will escape after out running Bench.

Apr. 1, 1536: After being shipwrecked in Galveston, Texas, Cabeza de Vaca and a few men march across the continent to California. They will be the first "white men" to visit many Indian tribes. Today, Cabeza de Vaca will reach "civilization" again at San Miguel in New Galicia.

Apr. 2, 1975: A 3 day National Conference on Indian Water Rights is convened today in Washington,D.C. Representatives from almost 200 tribes will attend the meeting.

Apr. 3, 1861: White settlers have started moving onto SIOUX lands, near New Ulm, Minnesota. In an effort to improve their illegal standing, today, they petition President Lincoln for protection against the Indians.

Apr. 4, 1840: Today, COMANCHE Chief Piava arranges an exchange of 2 prisoners with the residents of San Antonio. Two captives from each side are released.

Black Hawk and son
Black Hawk and son
Apr. 5, 1832: After being removed from Illinois in 1831, Black Hawk, and his SAC followers lived in Iowa. Wanting to return to their old home land, today, Black Hawk, and almost 1000 of his tribe, will cross the Mississippi River back into Illinois. Not much later, they will be attacked by the whites.

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