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May 4 , 2002 - Issue 60


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Hoop Journey III


Sacred Hoop Journey III is coming!! Sacred Hoop Journey III arrives in Billings, Montana on Saturday, June 1 on the first stop of an almost 7000 mile circuit around the western US. It concludes two months later on July 26-27 in Denver, Colorado. Hoop Journey III brings a sobriety, recovery and Wellbriety message to Native American communities in 16 western cities.There is no charge for Hoop Journey III events.

The White Bison 100 Eagle Feather Hoop will be carried to 16 urban Indian centers with the goal of providing activities of healing to Native Americans, with a special focus on women and children. Hoop Journey III aims to PUT A NEW FACE ON RECOVERY. It will convey the message that it is a mark of pride to be in recovery from chemical addictions and to heal from the effects of dysfunctional families and communities.

The Sacred Hoop Journeys are part of a larger Wellbriety Movement that is taking hold within Native American communities. Wellbriety means adopting a healthy lifestyle of sobriety, and a lifestyle that is balanced emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Individuals, families, and community leaders will find ideas to make Wellbriety a part of their recovery journey by attending each planned day-long Wellbriety Day event as the Hoop Journey comes into the local community.

During a Wellbriety Day Gathering participants will view the Hoop Journey Video entitled Healing a Nation. This is a documentary video made during the previous two Sacred Hoop journeys for Wellbriety and wellness. Sacred Hoop Journey I took place in 1999, and Sacred Hoop Journey II in 2000. After the video there will be a talking circle where people can share their feelings about the video and talk about why they came to the gathering.

Each Wellbriety Day Gathering will offer a ceremonial entry of the Sacred Hoop, carried by members of the local community. Then there will be a presentation on the theme Healing Native American Women and Children.

Each Wellbriety Day offers a shared lunch where participants can meet friends, neighbors, Elders, and visit with the White Bison people who brought the Hoop. Six of the sixteen Wellbriety Day presentations will be focused on a special theme concerning women and children, as shown with an * in the Itinerary:


  • June 1 Wellbriety Day Billings
  • June 4 Wellbriety Day Spokane
  • June 8-9 *Gathering of Women Elders *Seattle
  • June 10-11 *Children of Alcoholics *Portland
  • June 14-15 Wellbriety Day Oakland
  • June 17-18 Wellbriety Day Los Angeles
  • June 23 Wellbriety Day San Diego
  • June 26-27 *Wellbriety for Youth *Pheonix
  • June 29-30 Wellbriety Day Tucson
  • July 5-6 *Al-Anon *Albuquerque
  • July 9-10 Wellbriety Day Dallas
  • July 12-13 *Honoring Women *Oklahoma City
  • July 15-16 Wellbriety Day Kansas City
  • July 19-20 *Clan Mothers *Minneapolis
  • July 23-24 Wellbriety Day Rapid City
  • July 26-27 Wellbriety Day Denver

The Journey, and events associated with the Journey, are made possible through the generous support provided by a three-year grant from the Centers for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), Department of Health and Human Services. The grant is part of the Recovery Community Support Program (RCSP).

Visit the White Bison website at for a complete contact list of local coordinators for Sacred Hoop Journey III in each of the 16 cities, or call White Bison toll free at 1-877-871-1495.

Sacred Hoop Journey IV will circle cities east of the Mississippi River, dedicated to healing Native American men and children, in the spring of 2003.

Wellbriety Day events are free and open to men, women and children from all four directions. Those of any ethnic background who are searching for wellness are invited to participate. White Bison, Inc., is proud to be a part of this exciting effort for healing Native America.

Participate in Hoop Journey III. Share the excitement of culture-based healing on the Red Road to Wellbriety!

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