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September 7, 2002 - Issue 69


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Fry Bread Love

Editors Note: We have had the pleasure of working with Gayle on a couple of projects. It's rare to meet someone with a heart as big as hers. Please help us help support this important endeavor. The tee-shirts are VERY cool :))
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PLEASE oh Please send us your FRY BREAD Recipes ...
Photos of your favorite FryBread vendors, or Fry Bread snow-sculptures, or fully beaded FryBread ...
Famous or infamous! people scarfin' down an indian taco, ...
Pictures your kids have drawn of FryBread! ... FryBread Jokes ...
Fry Bread Wedding Vows ...
FryBread Poems ... FryBread Songs ...
your favourite 'the origin of Fry Bread' Story ...
FryBread LOVE Stories!!!

Please tell us who you are, and include permission to use your story, photo, fry bread recipe ... on this site, and/or for inclusion in the book we're working on. For more information, Please contact Gayle or Bruce at

Earth Circles
3320 east 54th street Mpls Mn 55417
612 729-2014

All proceeds from the sale of this fry bread 'cookbook' will be used to feed people: food shelves /programs that provide meals for the Homeless, Elders ...

Annie Humphreys shares this story of Frybread Love:

"I got a call one day from my sister ... she asked me to make fry bread for my niece's birthday. I couldn't tell her that I had gone into a frybread slump. About a year earlier I made a batch of bread that fried flat and tasted flat. I lost all my frybread confidence. I became a closet frozen dough fake frybread woman. I felt so bad. So, when my oldest sister called ... she did so, not knowing that I had lost my touch ... that special touch that my father's mother showed me. She didn't speak english to us and so I was instructed to follow gramma around the kitchen and watch her every move ... from choosing the right bowl to mix up the dough to placing the finished bread into a bed of paper towels. I was a champ. When I was just a young teenager I did a frybread demonstration in my home ec. class in school. The bread was a hit, I was a hit. Teachers approached me about my recipe. When I went to visit my friend, her mother would call me in from playing so that I could make frybread for the family dinner. She told me "You're going to make someone a good wife." That's what many elder women believe ... that making frybread is a valuable thing to bring into a marriage ... a successful marriage. I became overconfident over the years and made brown paper bags full of bread for feasts in my family. I think my frybread went to my head and Creator took my gift for one year ... then that call came ... the call from my sister. I was reluctant, but had to agree because she had to work and didn't have time to prepare the bread in time for the Birthday dinner. I finally agreed.

I went next door and traded a bag of commodity flour for some coffee and went to my sister's house and carefully chose a bowl. I added the ingredients ... with the image of Gramma making bread in my mind. I was gentle and loving with my dough. I could feel it's warmth. I knew that unknowingly, my sister added the last ingredient ... LOVE. I made the bread for my sister's daughter. It was her 18th birthday. I made enough dough to make 30 pieces of frybread and when the last piece left the pan, I had made 60 pieces of bread. It was a sign ... it was a confirmation. When you make frybread, always, always ALWAYS remember the secret and most important ingredient.


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