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October 19, 2002 - Issue 72


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An e-Book Resource by Mark Thiel


For the first time, a major resource about American Indian culture offered on CD-ROM in Acrobat PDF format for both Mac's and PC's.

This e-Book is a "mini almanac" of Indian information. It begins with the relationship of tribal patterns of life before and during the European contact period. It emphasizes the development of Native life and powwows in the United States with short notes on Indians in Canada, Guatemala, and Mexico. It is easy to use and includes lots of basic practical information and many references to specialized sources.

INDIAN WAY also outlines how to make and use Indian regalia for powwows, learn about the songs used in modern day powwows, the common dance styles used and the associated dance clothing, and the way to experience this cultural event either as a visitor or as a participant.

INDIAN WAY is a special bridge for those who want to visit and learn the many strengths of native culture in the Americas. Author, Mark Thiel is one of those who enjoy building these kind of bridges.

Mark Thiel is an archivist (special librarian) at Marquette University, Milwaukee, where he has helped thousands of all ages find answers about America's First Nations.

From "ready reference" questions to solid K-12 curricula and leading titles in American Indian scholarship, he has guided researchers with his knowledge of Native documentation, networking with expert sources, and sensitivity to Native issues.

With his involvement in both Native and non-native community groups, he understands popular interests about Native heritage and how to help others make good choices in selecting the resources they need.

Early in his career he served a Wisconsin Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) community as a teacher and youth counselor, and then the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) in South Dakota as director of their historical records and curriculum research center.

By Dr. JoAllyn Archambault, Director of the Native American Program; Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History:
"INDIAN WAY is an articulate, focused, and accurate source of information about today's Native Americans that should be in every school library. It answers the most frequently asked questions about American Indian peoples with clarity and precision. It provides bibliographies for further research for those students who wish to pursue additional information and can be used by teachers and students for class assignments and projects. The graphics are clear and documented and are the first time that many of these images have been published."

By Jack Heriard, Written Heritage and Publisher of Whispering Wind magazine:
"INDIAN WAY is impressive. And, Noc Bay Publishing uses the technology of the readable CD to make this e-book easy to read and navigate.

Filled with photos, instructional text, and resources, Mr. Thiel presents an overwhelming compilation of information beginning with history; both past and present and progressing through contemporary powwow dance and music. Chapters include discussions and photos on language, tribal names, spirituality, food, warfare, clothing, dwellings, government, sports, reservations, urbanization, powwows, music, dancing, outfits and family relationships.

What makes this e-book so informative is the vast amount of resources listed from the usual bibliographies to trading posts, music outlets, tribal and governmental resources. The nice part is that this is on CD, as these resources change, the CD can be updated!

While not everyone owns a computer or has a desire to have their book shelves converted to a round silver disk, the information that Mr. Thiel has compiled in this new e-book is complete and presents to the reader a better understanding of the diversity of cultures in Indian America.


The CD-ROM is provided with the latest version of Acrobat Reader for both Windows and Macintosh with loading instructions. Once you have Reader loaded, there is an auto load file on the CD. When the CD is inserted into your computer, the file will load and will open on the cover page. If there are settings in your computer preventing auto loading, instructions are provided for opening the file.

Instructions and navigation tips are provided in the package. Some navigation is built into the book design while considerable options are available in Acrobat. Suggestions are provided to easily move through the book layout. Bookmarks are also used to facilitate finding headlines throughout each chapter. Photographs may be easily enlarged on screen to look at details. Total book length is 156 pages.

This CD is currently available at:

Noc Bay Trading Company


Written Heritage

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