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October 19, 2002 - Issue 72


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Oct. 19, 1818: CHICKASAW treaty: Andrew Jackson and Isaac Shelby will represent American interests. The CHICKASAWs will cede their claims to lands in Tennessee. (7 stat.192)

Oct. 20, 1774: Today, Georgia Governor James Wright signs a treaty with the CREEK Indians in Savannah. They agree to reestablish trade, which the CREEKs want. The CREEKs agree to give up some land along the Ocmulgee and Oconee Rivers, and to execute 2 CREEK warriors accused of killing some settlers. Some sources say this treaty was signed on October 2nd.

Oct. 21, 1763: Pontiac ends the siege of Detroit.

Fort Stanwix National Monument Located in Rome, NY
Fort Stanwix National Monument Located in Rome, NY
Oct. 22, 1784: Richard Butler, Arthue Lee, and Oliver Walcott, representing the United States, and 12 IROQUOIS Indians sign a treaty today ceding much of their lands in New York, Pennsylvania, and west of the Ohio River, and reestablishing peace after the Revolutionary War. The treaty signed at Fort Stanwix, near modern Rome, New York, will be repudiated by most of the IROQUOIS.

Oct. 23, 1823: Today, according to CHEROKEE records, CREEK Chief William McIntosh, representing United States Indian commissioners, will attempt to bribe CHEROKEE leaders. For $12,000 McIntosh hopes that Chiefs John Ross and Charles Hicks, and Council Clerk Alexander McCoy will try to convince the CHEROKEEs to cede lands to the United States. The CHEROKEE leaders will refuse the offer with a show of indignation.

Oct. 24, 1801: CHICKASAW Natchez Trace Treaty: A treaty will be endorsed today with the CHICKASAW at Chickasaw Bluffs. The United States will get the right to make a road from the Mero District in Tennessee, to Natchez in Mississippi, for a payment of $700 in goods. Seventeen Indians will sign the treaty.

Penn's Creek

Oct. 25, 1755:

After the attack on the Penn's Creek village in Snyder County, Pennsylvania on October 16th, a group of men go to the area to bury the dead. The DELAWAREs who attacked the village will also attack this group, killing several people in the process.

Oct. 26, 1809: The WEA Indians sign a treaty today.

Oct. 27, 1795:

San Lorenzo Treaty: Spain will sign a treaty today with the United States. The treaty will allow American boats to use the Mississippi River in Spanish Territory. It also confirms the northern boundary of the Spanish Territories as the 31st parallel. The Spanish will be required to abandon all forts and lands north of that line. Both countries agree to "control" the Indians within their boundaries.

Oct. 28, 1865: The UPPER YANKTONAI SIOUX (14 stat.743) & the OGLALA SIOUX (7 stat.747) sign treaties today with the United States.

Oct. 29, 1712: Settlers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire hold a conference to advise belligerent Indians that "Queen Anne's War" is over, and the fighting should stop. It would take almost 9 months before a local treaty would be signed.

Distant view of a Mandan Village by George Catlin
Oct. 30, 1804: The MANDANs like Lewis & Clark's men's dancing.

Oct. 31, 1818: According to the U.S.Army, today marks the end of First SEMINOLE War

Nov. 1, 1735:

According to some sources, an agreement covering "amity and commerce" is reached by representatives of the British in New York, and Western Abenaki, Housatonic, Mohegan and Scaghticoke Indians.

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