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December 14, 2002 - Issue 76


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Brain Food

by Lazorletter

Well, it's that time of year again. The dreaded holiday season has swooped in and seems to fill us all with a sense of childhood joy mixed with financial stress. The commercials on television has switched from bathroom tissue and tooth paste to a barrage of newest "must" have toys. I often think back on my own childhood and remember being thrilled to receive a hola hoop or board game. In the light of today's choices I can't even imagine having small ones to buy for. Not to mention having to set aside a large portion of my shopping budget for batteries. The toys offered today are sold by pieces requiring a small loan to acquire all that is need to "complete the set."

Each piece sold for the low low price of $29.95. My heart goes out to the parents of today and my gratitude is overflowing that my children are grown.

Is it any wonder that adults fall into a "bah hum bug" attitude? I miss the wonder of a child's thoughts of the season.

I was becoming guilty of that old "bah hum bug" attitude when it dawned on me - the awesome power of this time of year. It's not the date on a calendar, it's not the hustle bustle at K-mart, it's not the razzle dazzle beauty of red and green sparkle; and it's not the credit card bills being delivered by fork lift. It's a time of year that, in my opinion, is very much needed. I came to this conclusion while circling the Mall, praying for a parking place.

It's the only time of year that charity, unselfishness, love for others, and so many other wonderful things are at a peak high.The Christmas season carries with it a special spirit that is more than the story of Mary and Joseph. It is as though the Creator calls a "time out." People stop and look at their fellow man, hard hearts soften and the desire to be more giving becomes the thought on most minds. People in general think of pleasantries, and most people seek that which is their particular religion.

Ever notice that there is always someone singing along with the carols that are played as we shop? Ever notice that so many people, of all aspects of the world, KNOW the words to these ancient songs? I personally, can sing alto to maybe as many as 15. Notice the smell of cinnamon and peppermint creates a warm glow? It's amazing - the power of this time of year - the colors, the sounds, the smells, the look in people's eyes.Its a time to forget, forgive, and to remember. Once a year most minds are focused on bringing joy to someone. We need it!

Driving around that parking lot and thinking, I felt the power of this season do its work on me. I began to grin, and noticed for the first time that the "Santa" ringing the bell in front of K-mart was a thin oriental man with a lovely smile. He held the door for most, and bid greetings to all. I also noticed the Christmas trees for sale seemed herded up in a pen, standing tall and waiting to become the shine in a child's eye. And I noticed a parking place! Ahh yes, I am truly blessed!

My plans for this holiday are simple. We in this household will exchange a gift and head to the local Indian Center for the pow wow. We will take with us something homemade and sweet to give to an elder and spend the evening enjoying the spiritual sound of the drums. We will visit with fellow Natives and remark on how glad we are that Christmas is behind us. But mostly, we will offer the most wonderful gift of all, which is our prayers for fellow man. Prayer needs no batteries, nor does it cost a single cent, it is, a hope that harmony and peace can be part of every day all year long.

I would like to wish each of you, a most powerful Holiday Season. Don't fight it, just enjoy it!

Peace Laz

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