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March 22, 2003 - Issue 83


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Opportunities - Page Two


Here you will find listings of:


  • Positions Available - including Fellowships and Internships;
  • Scholarship, Award and Grant Information; and
  • Event Announcements.

We receive these announcements from various sources including Harvard University Native American Program (HUNAP) and NativeShare


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Summer Program for Undergraduates at UCLA's Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics

More information, including comments from students and information on prior projects can be found at

Questions can be addressed to

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FORWARD to Professorship Workshop

You are invited to attend the FORWARD to Professorship Workshop, sponsored in part by a grant for the National Science Foundation. The Workshop will be held May 20 to 22 in Washington DC. For additional information please check

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C.S. Lewis Foundation National Faculty Forum
Call for Papers Deadline: 2003-04-18

Join with Christian faculty and administrators from across North America to consider the legitimacy of religiously informed thought and expression within the curricular life of the university.

Examine ways in which scholars of faith may exercise their academic right and responsibility to engage in creative and constructive dialogue with the reigning social and intellectual currents of our time.

Major speakers include: G. Dennis O'Brien, President Emeritus, University of Rochester and Bucknell University; Robert N. Bellah, Sociologist, UC Berkeley; John Eastman, Chapman University School of Law; Katherine Clay Bassard, English Literature, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jay Budziszewski, Government & Philosophy, University of Texas, Austin.

Academic Paper Sessions will be held. Papers must address a topic related either to the conference theme or to the subject of Christian faith and its relevance to one's profession within higher education. Submisions will be peer-reviewed. The deadline for abstracts/proposals is April 18, 2003. Submission deadline: 18 April 2003

C.S. Lewis Foundation
Visit the website at

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The Century Foundation Century Institute Summer Program (CISP)

Again this summer, The Century Foundation will be hosting the Century Institute Summer Program (CISP). This is a two-week fellowship designed to introduce undergraduate students to the Progressive tradition in American Public Policy. Directed by Princeton University Professor Paul Starr, the Century Institute plays host to an impressive array of academics and practitioners. The program is held at Williams College, in the Massachusetts Bershires. CISP includes classes and workshops on the Progressive American political tradition, economic inequality, and civic engagement. There are also media workshops to develop television interview and op-ed writing skills.

Guest speakers in the 2002 program included Professor Robert Putnam, writer Wendy Kaminer, Professor Randy Kennedy, and many others.

Approximately 30 students will be selected for the program. Rising juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. All expenses are paid and a $650 stipend is provided to each participant.

The early admission deadline is March 14, with an April 7 regular admission deadline.

For additional details and for the online application, visit

Program questions can be directed to Sarah Ritchie at 212-452-7728 or

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Call for Participation: Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference

Call for Participation: Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference, October 15-18, 2003, Atlanta, GA.

Monetary prizes will be awarded for best student posters!

Papers will be published in a proceedings.

The first Doctoral Consortium will prove to be exciting!

Present a paper, a poster, or your thesis topic in the doctoral consortium.

Organize a panel or a birds-of-a-feather on issues that are important to you.

Submit now at

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Call for abstracts for the National Conference on Tobacco and Health

Call for abstracts for the National Conference on Tobacco and Health, to be held in Boston, MA from December 10-12, 2003. The planning committee is facilitating the call for abstracts from Feb. 18 - April 15.

For more information

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Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals

The Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals is offering research, lecturing, and lecturing-research awards to Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and the New Independent States in public policy and public administration for academic year 2004-05. These awards offer unique opportunities for specialists in public administration and public policy to assist in the development of new academic programs and in the preparation of new cadres of public officials in the post-Communist era. Grantees may be requested to provide in-service and executive training. Opportunities exist in a broad range of specializations in public administration and policy, including public policy, NGO management, public finance, urban and health administration, state and local government.

For general information about application requirements and staff contacts, visit the CIES Web site at

Application materials can be downloaded from the Web site or requested via e-mail to

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Summer School Opportunity for Graduate Students, And Recent

The program, entitled "Modern Applied Mathematics for the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences" is being offered through the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), which is situated on the UCLA campus and funded by the National Science Foundation. More details about the summer school are available at

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Partners in Engineering Problem Solving (PEPS)

Partners in Engineering Problem Solving (PEPS) is a week-long (July 21-25, 2003) workshop run at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA for high school math and science teachers. PEPS attendees learn the engineering design methodology that we teach to our freshmen and develop lesson plans to bring active learning, hands-on engineering activities back into their high school classrooms. We invite you to join us (financial support provided)!

For more information, go to

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NASA Explorer Schools Program (NES)

The NASA Explorer Schools Program (NES) will provide a unique relationship between schools and the agency to "inspire the next generation of explorers." The program is designed to provide customized, extended professional development for educators. It will also provide authentic mathematics and science experiences for students and their families. All NASA Explorer School Teams will be eligible for a $10,000 grant.

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New Tax Deduction for Teachers

Effective on 2002 taxes, an educator (K-12) working in a school for at least 900 hours during a school year may deduct up to $250 per year for money spent on classroom materials. This deduction is taken on line 23 of form 1040

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National Native American Youth Initiative (NNAYI)

The Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP) will be conducting  their 6th Annual NNAYI, June 21-29, 2003 in Washington, DC.  The program is designed for high school students ages 16-18 who are  interested in a career in the health professions and/or biomedical  research. The week long program includes: A broad perspective of the  health sciences and biomedical research, an introduction to national  health and scientific institutions, a national network of Native  American health professionals, scientists, role models and mentors  along with a variety of workshops, field trips and tutorials.

Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Selected scholars will receive all expenses paid which includes room, board and travel.

Deadline is May 14, 2003.

For applications, see or contact:

1225 Sovereign Row, Suite  103,
Oklahoma City, OK  73108.
(405) 946-7072

Carla Guy (Caddo)
Student Programs Coordinator
Association of American Indian Physicians
1225 Sovereign Row, Suite 103
Oklahoma City, OK  73108
Tel:  405-946-7072
Fax:  405-946-7651

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Inuhihi atuknahuakluhiuk taman inunahuakluhiuk
Live Life To Its Fullest!
Vivez au max!

DEADLINE for submission of donations:  March 31, 2003

Inuhihi atuknahuakluhiuk taman inunahuakluhiuk
Havaktingit Katimayeet 2003 Iqaluit Kanatami Katimayeet Enminikut Pitailinikut Meetiknahuakmata, kaitkuyait tamaita Nunavutmi ilihaktuut tunikupluutigitlo titigauyakhimayaitlo okautaitlo ovunga tautuknakhiumaktut ovani 2003 Okiumi Atauhikmi Meetiutaini, meetikniaktut Inuksuk Ilihakvikmi, Iqaluitmi, May 15-18, 2003.

Nunavut ilihaktut tamaita okiukaktut kaitkuyauyut tunikupluutigitlo titigauyakhimayaitlonit okautikaktutlonit titikanik tautuknakhiumaktut meetikvikmi.  Titigauyahat, kalakaktaktutlonit, hanahimayaktutlonit, mingutikaktaktutlonit.

Okauhihakaktaktut inuyunik, hunaniklonit aliahutigivaktaptingniklonit inuyutihaptingnik taman atugahuagumaktavut... enmingnik havakumayainiklo, pitkohiiniklonik, aliahutihaniklo, elagiktuniklo, elanafingniklo, aniaktailiyutihaniklo atugaghanik, aliahutihanik havakhanik meghuyahaniklonit hanaugakhaniklonit, aodlagutihaniklonit, nunamilonit, ilihautihaniklonit, engiugutihaniklonit nakuyunik makpigakhaniklonit taiguagutihaniklonit... "kuyaginakluhi oktugiti titigauyahanik!"

Tamakmik titigauyahanlonit okautikaktutlonit titikat tuyuinagiakaktakhi Inuktitutlonit, Inuinaktutlonit, French -kutlonit Kablunaktutlonit. Amigaikluhilonit tuninagiakaktuhi.

Naunaitkutihafingnik tuniyauniaktuhi atihilo kangihinaktumik tititigakhimaniaktutlo ilihakvikhilo titigakakvianiklo titigakhimayuhatlo.

ENEKVIHAKAKTUT tuyukvikhamik ovani atuktinagu:  Masi 31, 2003
Kagitiluhiuklonit tuyukluhiuklunit hapkununga: Charlotte Borg/Bryon Doherty
c/o Inuksuk School, Box 487
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Talafon: 867-979-5281 ext.261 (Bryon Doherty)/ 867-979-3900 (Charlotte Borg)
Kagitauyanguami titigakakvia:

Hivungani Qikiqtani Ilihaktiit aodlaliiktut Iqaluitmut Ilihaktiinut Meetikvikhanut Masimi kainahuat kagititkuyait ilihakvingminit tuniyutihainik kagitikuyait.

Kuanakuhi ikayugafi enminik pitailiyutihanik Nunavutmilo Kanatamilo.

Live Life To Its Fullest!
The Conference Organizing Committee of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, invites all Nunavut students to donate their art work and poetry for exhibition at its 2003 Annual Conference,  to be held at Inuksuk School, in Iqaluit, May 14-18, 2003.

Nunavut students of all ages are invited to donate their original art work and/or poetry for display at the conference. Art work may include, but is not confined to, the use of poster colours, construction, pastels, pencil
crayons, collages, photo montage, water colours.

Topics may include representations of all the people, things and events in our life that make it so very worthwhile living  it to its fullest. personal goals, values, beliefs, passions, joys, family, friends, healthy activities, hobbies, interests, travel, community, education, music, good books... "anything goes!"

Both art and poetry may be submitted in Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, French or English. Donations may also be submitted jointly by groups.

A certificate of appreciation will be presented for every donation that is cearly marked with the name of the artist/poet and school's mailing address.

DEADLINE for submission of donations:  March 31, 2003

Please bring or mail to: Charlotte Borg/Bryon Doherty c/o Inuksuk School, Box 487 Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Phone: 867-979-5281 ext.261 (Bryon Doherty)/  867-979-3900 (Charlotte Borg)


South Qikiqtani Educators travelling to Iqaluit for the Educators' Conference in March are encouraged to bring their school's submissions with them.

Thank you for supporting suicide prevention in Nunavut and Canada.

Vivez au max!
Le comité organisateur de la Conférence annuelle 2003 de l'Association canadienne pour la prévention du suicide invite tous les élèves du Nunavut à faire don de leurs oeuvres d'art et de poésie en vue de l'exposition qui se tiendra à l'école Inuksuk du 15 au 18 mai 2003.

Les élèves nunavois de tout âge sont invités à faire don de leurs oeuvres afin qu'elles soient exposées dans le cadre de la conférence. Les oeuvres d'art peuvent inclure des affiches couleurs, des réalisations au pastel, au
fusain, à l'aquarelle, des collages, des montages photos et bien plus encore.

Les sujets peuvent inclure la représentation de toutes personnes et événements qui font que notre vie vaut la peine d'être vécue à son meilleur... buts personnels, valeurs, croyances, passions, joies, amis et familles. Sans oublier vos intérêts en matière de loisirs, de voyage, de communauté, d'éducation, de musique ou de bouquins... bref, tout ce à quoi vous pouvez penser!

Les oeuvres d'art ou de poésie peuvent être soumises en inuktitut, inuinnaqtun, français ou anglais. Les soumissions peuvent aussi provenir de groupes.

Un certificat d'appréciation sera offert pour chaque don ayant été clairement identifié avec le nom de l'artiste ou poète et l'adresse postale de son école.

Date de tombée pour la soumission des dons: 31 mars 2003

Veuillez remettre ou poster à : Charlotte Borg ou Byron Doherty a/s École Inuksuk, CP 487, Iqaluit (Nunavut)  X0A 0H0

Téléphone : 867-979-5281 poste 261 (Byron Doherty) ou 867-979-3900 (Charlotte Borg)

Courriel : ou

On encourage les enseignant(e)s du sud de Qikiqtani qui participeront à la Conférence des enseignant(e)s, en mars, à apporter avec eux les oeuvres de leur école respective.

Merci de votre soutien à la prévention du suicide au Nunavut et au Canada.

Thanks to: Haa Ai from Education Nunavut (EC&SS Division)

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