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April 19, 2003 - Issue 85


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Thunderhawk's Great Adventure-Part 8

by Geoff Hampton

IciclesFor the next few days, of the Great Cross Country Adventure, things were relatively quiet. Thunderhawk and Blaze soared up above the little group and Paden and Paddy were tired so they didn't get into much mischief. Andrew the Apache was tired as well so he just stuck to his normal routines. The dogs were a little bored with the lack of action, but they knew excitement was never too far away.

Andrew the Apache was choosing a course by using higher ground and avoiding low lying areas due to the obvious threat of flooding from the rapidly melting snow and ice. It was a harder route but much safer. Andrew the Apache was fully aware of the danger of rising waters and after all that Paddy had already been through he knew it was worth avoiding any other water dangers.

BluebirdsAs they went through the mountains they saw increasing activity from all of Mother Nature's Kingdom and they knew that spring was really bringing the mountains back to life. Beautiful wild flowers were blooming everywhere. The trees and bushes were beginning to get little green buds as their leaves were trying to awaken after their long winter sleep. Beautiful songbirds filled the air with glorious sounds. Animals were becoming more active and also getting back into their normal routines. It had been a long hard winter and the spring was a glorious time of renewal for Mother Nature. The air was filled with beautiful fragrances and it lifted their spirits as they traveled. It caused Paden and Paddy to reminisce about their family now so far away. It was exciting but sad at the same time.

Papa O'Malley and Pat were eager to resume their search for Moose Lee and Two Eagles. As soon as the wind had died down they emerged from their safe hiding place and started their mission again. Ian and Sean Jr. were glad that they were on their way again also. They wanted to find Moose Lee and Two Eagles as soon as possible.

As they made their way into Miller's Cove one morning they heard a familiar sound. It was the sound of aggressive mooing. Ian and Sean Jr. jumped up and down with joy. They knew exactly what that meant! It was Moose Lee and Two Eagles and they could ask them about Paddy and Paden.

Handstand MooseThey ran ahead of Papa O'Malley and Pat to see their friends. As they reached the opening in the woods where the sound was coming from they saw Moose Lee and Two Eagles practicing their Cowrate. Moose Lee and Two Eagles were very surprised to see their little friends and interrupted their training to speak to them.

Ian and Sean Jr. were jumping up and down and wanting the two large friends to pick them up. Two Eagles bent down and picked them both up. He brought them up to eye level and asked, "Hey you two! What are you doing way out here?" Ian said, "We're worried about Paden and Paddy! They went off on a trip with Andrew the Apache and some of our family were having visions that something was really wrong and they might even have died! We needed to talk to you to find out where they are and if they're okay. Tell us where they are Two Eagles." And then Sean Jr. chimed in with, "Yeah! And if they're okay or not!"

Two Eagles looked over at Moose Lee and then back at the little mice. As he did, Papa O'Malley and Pat also emerged from the woods. Two Eagles said, "My little friends, we have no way of knowing where they are or if they're okay. We are unable to help you with that. The only thing I can tell you is that Andrew the Apache is a great warrior and if they are with him, they are most likely very safe."

Ian said, "Ohhhhhhhhhh! That doesn't help us!" Pat said, "Ian! That's rude! Two Eagles is telling you the truth. If he doesn't know, then that doesn't give you the right to be rude. He is an adult and you shouldn't be rude anyway!" Ian apologized and Two Eagles nodded in acceptance. Moose Lee then said, "Ian, we can try to find out for you. At this time of year, Andrew the Apache usually heads way up north and then goes across the country to an area known as California. Were Paden and Paddy going on the trip all the way to California or were they coming back after they went up north?"

Ian said, "They were going up north and then depending on how that went they would decide whether or not they would come home or go on to California." Then Moose Lee said, "How long ago did they leave?" Ian looked at Sean Jr. and then at Papa O'Malley and then at Pat. Pat said, "They left about two weeks ago. Moose Lee said, "Hmmmmm. It's hard to say. The weather has been rough and those little mice may have slowed him down some. If you excuse us for a minute I'd like a chance to talk this over with Two Eagles."

Ian and Sean Jr. jumped down and then the four mice slowly made their way back into the woods a little to give the mootial artists a chance to discuss the matter. As they walked away Ian said, "Pat…what do you think that they are talking about?" Sean Jr. said, "Yeah! What are they talking about?"

Pat just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Guys…I have no idea." Then he looked over at Papa O'Malley who also shrugged his shoulders. Papa O'Malley said, "The only thing that we can do is give them time to discuss it and see what they say." Then the four mice sat down to wait for an answer.

FlowersThe days were warming up and the big meltdown was fully underway. The fear of the flooding was real. Back at the homeground the little mice were watching the creek at the southern end of the big field next to their hideaway with great anxiety. It was steadily rising and beginning to cover the field. The elders decided to have a meeting to discuss the approaching danger.

Brogan, one of the most respected elders was urging the mice to abandon the homeground and take refuge in the safety of the small opening about halfway up Chilhowee Mountain that their descendants had made and used so long ago. There hadn't been a major flood in a long time and most had forgotten about the spot. There was some argument as a few of the elders felt that the stream may not rise far enough to really threaten their home and they didn't want to upset all the other mice if it wasn't necessary.

Mountain WaterfallAfter some tense moments the elders agreed to mark a spot in the field where if the water were to reach it, they would pack up and travel to the hiding spot up on the mountain. Brogan was worried because he remembered the stories of how fast the water could rise, especially with all the snow that the mountains had received that year. There were old stories of many mice being lost to floods from that stream during times of great snowfall

The elders called a community meeting to discuss the plan. It caused fear among the mice and there was plenty of anxiety. All the mice knew that there was a danger of drowning or becoming easy targets for predators if they got swept away by flood waters. The plan was discussed in detail and the route to be taken if they had to abandon the homeground was reviewed over and over to avoid mice getting lost and becoming easy victims for larger animals. They also knew that by traveling in mass that some would probably be caught and eaten by hungry predators so it was a scary situation.

Penny and Virginia tried to calm their little ones but the tensions were high. With Papa O'Malley and Pat gone the thought of trying to make it to the mountain hiding place was really frightening without them. Plus, they didn't know if Pat and Papa O'Malley even knew where the safe spot was if they were to return and find the homeground underwater.

WaterfallEach day and each night a different mouse was assigned to stand guard to see if the water reached the spot that would mean it was time to leave. The sound of the little creek had changed from a soothing babbling sound to a scary roaring sound. As the little ones peered out to look at the rising water it was very scary. The water was rushing and there stuff being swept down it really fast. They knew that if they got caught in that fast current they would probably not make it out again.

One night a mouse named Patrick was assigned to keep an eye on the rising water. It was already near the spot so his job was very important that night. It was really dark and it was hard to see anything. The sound of the rushing water had become deafening. Patrick couldn't tell where the water so he decided venture out to go see if it was close the spot or not. He was really tired and wasn't as focused as he should have been. He heard the water and decided to climb up in a bush for safety as he tried to get a little closer. It was scary and the branch was moving up and down from the water rushing around the base of the bush. Suddenly the branch broke off the bush and Patrick was plunged into the rushing water. None of the other mice could hear his screams because of the level of noise from the rushing water. Patrick was gone.

Scared MouseThe mice had no way of knowing that the water was rising rapidly and was well past the spot that they had selected to determine when to leave. Penny had been restless and couldn't sleep very well. She had the impression that the water was right at the entrance to the homeground but she tried to fight her fear as she knew that Patrick was standing guard and if anything happened he would let them know. Then suddenly she felt moisture in the air and the sound of cracking branches at the opening from the homeground to the big field. She knew that disaster was about to strike. She screamed as loud as she could.

Most of the other adults were barely sleeping because of their fear and they instantly jumped up at Penny's scream. They also knew from the sound that the water was about to sweep them away forever. They moved like lightening to get the little ones up and out the back of the homeground to try to make it to safety. There was a lot of screaming from fear as the little mice scrambled to get out. As they ran they could feel the moisture and the movement of the air that the rushing water was creating behind them.

Scared MouseBaby Shannon was petrified with fear and Virginia O'Malley put the little mouse on her back as she ran as fast as she could to escape the raging waters. All the mice ran as fast as they could. It was very dark and so it was hard to know what all was happening. There was so much screaming and panic. Sadly, since Patrick had been unable to warn them the entire population of mice living in the homeground was facing a potentially terrible disaster.

The End - Part 8

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. He is the Marketing Director for Indian Voices newspaper which serves Southern California and Nevada. Hampton is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website and Canku Ota and can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign can be reviewed at .

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