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May 17, 2003 - Issue 87


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Thunderhawk's Great Adventure-Part 10

by Geoff Hampton

MoosePapa O'Malley, Pat, Ian and Sean Jr. were getting impatient as they waited for Moose Lee and Two Eagles to come and give them more information about what if anything that they could do to help find out how Paden and Paddy were doing. Ian was really getting "wiggly" and he suddenly jumped up into the air and started running back towards the spot where they had last seen the two great mootial artists. Pat immediately yelled for Ian to stop and ran after him. As Ian approached the clearing where Moose Lee and Two Eagles had been standing he heard soft chanting and stopped in his tracks. As Pat caught up to him he heard the chanting as well. Ian said, "What is that?" Pat replied, I don't know, but I would imagine that the sound is Two Eagles seeking Spiritual guidance. Do you remember the trips we took in the past to Cades Cove and how we saw the Cherokees doing various ceremonies that we told you had Spiritual significance?" Ian said, "Yes." Pat continued, "Well, that is what I would think the sound that we are hearing is. We should not disturb him if he is seeking guidance, so let's just try to be a little more patient, okay?" Ian agreed and after they listened for a few while they returned back to the spot where they had left Papa O'Malley and Sean Jr.

Sean Jr. jumped up and down as soon as he saw them and said, "What did they say? What did they say? Hurry up and tell us what they told you! Where's Paden and Paddy? Are they okay?" Papa O'Malley said, "Pipe down lad. Let's give them a chance to tell us what happened and not make so much noise!" Then Papa O'Malley said, "So what did they say about Paden and Paddy?" Sean Jr. gave him a funny look as he wondered if that wasn't exactly what he had just said.

MousePat said, "Well, we didn't exactly have a chance to talk to them." Sean Jr. blurted out, "What? What are you talking about? Where did you go?" Papa O'Malley said, "Sean Jr.! Settle down!" Sean Jr. sheepishly looked down at the ground in embarrassment. Then Papa O'Malley said, "What are you talking about anyway? Where did you go if you didn't talk to them?" Again, Sean Jr. looked at Papa O'Malley with a strange look as he again thought about what he had just said and how Papa O'Malley seemed to be saying the same thing. It seemed weird to him but he thought, "Grown up mice are weird! Who knows what they're thinking anyway!"

As Pat and Ian got close to the other two anxious mice they sat down and Pat began to speak. He said, "As I was catching up to Ian we were nearing the clearing where we had left Moose Lee and Two Eagles and we heard some chanting so we stopped and listened for a few minutes. I'm guessing that it was Two Eagles seeking Spiritual guidance." Papa O'Malley said, "That sounds like a good guess Pat. I believe that you are probably right." Ian blurted out, "Yeah! It was so cool! Sean Jr., you really missed it! It was awesome!"

Sean Jr. jumped and said, "Hey! That's not fair! I want to hear that too! I want to go hear the chanting too!" Papa O'Malley said, "Sean Jr.! Settle down now. We are all tired and anxious, but we must be patient and wait to see what news, if any is brought to us. Now, please settle down." Sean Jr. looked down at the ground again and kind of made a sound that no one could understand. Papa O'Malley looked at him but didn't pursue it. He knew how tired and impatient the little mouse was.

The mice all sat and tried to calmly wait for Moose Lee and Two Eagles to make an appearance. After quite awhile they saw the two approaching in the distance. Sean Jr. and Ian jumped high in the air and yelled out loud. Then they rushed over to see their friends. As they got closer they were both talking very fast and at the same time so it was very difficult to understand what they were saying. Then Two Eagles said, "Boys! Please settle down. We want to talk to all of you."

CrowThe four mice gathered in front of Moose Lee and Two Eagles to hear what they would say. Two Eagles started to talking saying, "Little friends, we have called upon a very trusted Raven to fly along the route that Andrew the Apache follows and bring us back news of your two loved ones. As we spoke to the Raven and explained how we met you and where you lived he sadly informed us that your home has been destroyed by floodwaters and many mice did not survive the raging waters that somehow caught them by surprise." As he barely completed the sentence all four mice screamed out in agony. They all burst into uncontrollable tears. Papa O'Malley was the first to be able to speak any words. He said, "Are you sure that the news from the Raven is true?" Two Eagles sadly shook his head up and down and said how truly sorry he was to have be the bearer of such terrible news.

Ian fell onto the ground and was crying uncontrollably. Sean Jr. did the same thing. They had come looking for good news about Paden and Paddy and now they had heard the worst news that they could ever imagine. None of them could think any clear thoughts and they all wanted to go home right away. Unfortunately it was getting late in the day and light was fading fast. Moose Lee looked at Two Eagles and without a word being spoken that the mice could hear Two Eagles said, "Moose Lee has suggested that for the sake of your safety and for the benefit of speed we will take you to your home tonight. The journey will take all night and you four need to rest. Remember, there is always hope until you have an answer that removes the hope. You do not know if your family and friends have died. There were many mice who lived in your homeground and perhaps all of your loved ones escaped safely." The four mice continued crying and sobbing and began calling the names of their family. It was so sad.

Scared MouseTwo Eagles picked the little mice up one at time and laid them gently in Moose Lee's huge antlers. As it was spring the antlers were completely covered in velvet and it was so soft for the little mice. Then the journey began.

Not one critter said a word. Two Eagles and Moose Lee took the fastest route back toward Happy Valley but there was still low lying flooding and they had to be very careful.

As the group proceeded daylight began to fade as the sun sank down below the great mountains in the distance. On that particular evening the sunset was unusually spectacular. They all looked at the beautiful site but not a word was spoken. Each was deep in personal reflection and thought. Pat was worried sick about his dearest Penny and the other little mice they so loved. Papa O'Malley was worried about his other children and especially his beloved Virginia O'Malley. Sean Jr. cried himself to sleep while Ian longed to have Penny hold him tight in her loving arms. These thoughts were overwhelming for the little mouse. Then he remembered the Birthday present that he had given to little Baby Shannon. Penny had helped him make a beautiful little mouse doll that was soft and fuzzy. Baby Shannon loved it so much she would never go anywhere without it.

Rain CloudThe night was long a dreary rain began falling. Conditions had already been bad enough, but this was too much. The dreary rain made it easier for Ian and Sean Jr. to fall into a deep sleep but it made the night very long for Pat and Papa O'Malley. In fact it was the longest night either one of them could ever remember.

Moose Lee and Two Eagles did as they had promised and traveled all through the night. As the first streaks of morning light broke over the eastern sky Pat and Papa O'Malley saw where they were and were filled with anxiety. They were getting near to their beloved homeground and they clearly saw the devastation that the raging currents had wreaked throughout the woods and fields. It was like the worst nightmare that they could have ever dreamed. They were scared and worried as the harsh reality and the seriousness of the situation was made abundantly clear as light crept over the landscape. It was still drizzling so the light was slow in coming and the scene was made even more horrible due to the lack of any bright sunlight and the eerie shadows that were cast around the muddy devastated woods and fields.

As the group got closer to the homeground it was even slower going because of the tremendous amount of mud and debris. Sean Jr. and Ian woke up at the same time. They were horrified as they looked at their homeground and the surrounding area. They both began crying hysterically again.

Scared MouseAs they finally arrived at the exact location where the homeground had been they were terrified. There was no way that anything could have survived that scene. There were huge trees and branches broken and twisted everywhere they looked. Even large rocks had been tossed around like pebbles by what had obviously been a tremendous current. Ian screamed and jumped down. Mud splattered everywhere when he hit the ground and he slipped and slid like a hog wallowing in a mudpit. He tried to move around but it was impossible. Just as Two Eagles was about to pick him up and put him back onto Moose Lee's antlers Ian screamed, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" at the top of his lungs. It got everyone's attention. Then he screamed it again and lunged toward a huge log. He dug like crazy at something under the log. They were all looking on in a very nervous way. Suddenly Ian pulled what was left of the little stuffed mouse he had given to Baby Shannon for her Birthday out from under the log. It was muddy and torn and barely looked like it had been before the waters had ripped it to shreds. All the mice started sobbing and lost hope. Two Eagles and Moose Lee tried to comfort their little friends, but it was useless.

The End - Part 10

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. Hampton is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website and Canku Ota and can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign, The Wellness Wakeup Challenge can be reviewed at

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