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June 28, 2003 - Issue 90


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June 28, 1719:

Today a peace conference will be held in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Colonel John French, representing Pennsylvania, met with the "Kings" of the local tribes: Winninchack-CANAWAGE, civility and "Queen" Canatowa-CONESTOGA, Wightomina-DELAWARE, and Sevana-SHAWNEE. The subject of the conference was fighting among the tribes. Although all involved promised to end their warfare, the fighting would continue. Much of the fighting in the area is blames on IROQUOIS war parties.

June 29, 1704:

The same force of 50 South Carolinians and 1,000 CREEKs which attacked the Mission of San Pedro y San Pable in Patale on June 23rd, attack the Spanish San Damian de Cupahica Mission, near modern day Tallahassee, Florida, today. The mission will be destroyed. Many of the local Indians will be taken as slaves.

June 30, 1802:

A treaty with the SENECA Indians is concluded today on Buffalo Creek, in Ontario County, New York. All SENECA lands in Ontario County are ceded to the "Holland Land Company", and they will be given new lands on Lake Erie. Nineteen Indians will sign the treaty. A 2nd treaty is also signed today with the SENECAs. They will receive $1200 for what is called "Little Beard's Reservation. John Taylor, and 12 Indians will sign this document.

Ciudad de Tenochtitlan
Ciudad de Tenochtitlan

July 1, 1520:

According to many sources, Hernán Cortés and his followers will attempt to escape from Tenochtitlán (modern Mexico City) by way of one of the causeways. They have to fight their way through large numbers of Aztec warriors. Thousands of people are killed on both sides. Many of the Spanish soldiers carried so much looted gold that when they fell in the lake, they drowned. This event is often called "Noche Triste" (Night of Tears or Sorrows).

July 2, 1754:

According to some reports, a peace agreement is reached by representatives of the British in Massachusetts and the Norridgewock Indians.

July 3, 1761:

According to some sources, the Northwest Confederacy is created at a council near Detroit. Its members include the Delaware, Miami, Ojibwa, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Shawnee and the Wyandot.

Plan of Fort Boonesborough
Plan of Fort Boonesborough
Signature of Richard Henderson in center
From the Original in the handwriting of Richard Henderson.
1.Henderson's Cabin
3. Kitchen
4. Luttrell's Cabin
5. Kitchen
9. Gates
14. Hart & William Cabins
Un-numbered spaces - Cabins

July 4, 1777:

The Shawnees attack Boonesborough, again. Similar to their last incursion on April 15th, the town's fortification prove to be too substantial for them to breech.

July 5, 1871:

Arrested for murdering the wagon drivers in the raid on May 18th, Kiowas Satanta and Big Tree go on trial in Jacksboro, in north-central Texas, near Fort Richardson. They are found guilty after three days of testimony. Satanta tells the court, "If you let me go, I will withdrawn my warriors from Tehanna, but if you kill me, it will be a spark on the prairie. Make big fire-burn heap." Although sentenced to be hanged, the Texas Governor, fearing a Kiowa uprising, decides to commute the sentences to life in a Texas prison. Eventually, Big Tree and Satanta are freed. Later, Satanta is returned to prison, where he commits suicide by jumping off a prison balcony on October 11, 1874.

July 6, 1825:

The Cheyenne sign a "friendship" treaty (7 stat. 255) with the United States at the mouth of the Tongue River.

Santo Domingo Pueblo, ca. 1885
Santo Domingo Pueblo, ca. 1885

July 7, 1598:

Oñate’s expedition is at the village of the San Domingo Pueblos. According to their journals, leaders from seven different Pueblo groups meet in a council with Oñate. The journals also says the tribal leaders pledge allegiance to Spain.

July 8, 1539:

The Francisco de Ulloa Expedition is designed to explore the coast of Baja California. This expedition proves California is not an island. Three ships, the Santa Agueda, the Trinidad, and the Santo , leave Acapulco, Mexico.

July 9, 1716:

The Mission of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe is established for the Nacanish and Nocogdoche Indians in what becomes Texas.

July 10, 1854:

According to their Indian Agent, 200 Sacs and Foxes, are attacked by a force of 1500 Comanches, Kiowas, Osage, and Apaches near Smoky Hill, 100 miles west of Fort Riley, in central Kansas. The Sac and Foxes are armed with rifles, and they prevail over their better number adversaries. The Sacs report only six killed, the other Indians have as many as twenty-six killed, and 100 wounded. Both sides are surprised the Sac and Foxes win the fight.

July 11, 1921:

Treaty Number 11 is signed. It is between the government of Canada and "Slave, Dogrib, Loucheux, Hare and other Indians, inhabitants of the territory within the limits hereinafter defined and described."

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