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November 15, 2003 - Issue 100


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Let Your Voice Be Heard

by National Voice

In exactly one year, we will head to the polls to decide who will lead our country for the next four years. This next election will be crucial to the future of our democracy, our Nations, and our mother earth.

If you're not registered to vote, now is the time to do so. It can be done online with just a few clicks of the mouse ( But you mustn't stop there. We need people like you to get actively involved in educating voters, registering voters, and mobilizing voters to get to the polls on November 4, 2004.

Not sure where to start? Well, keep on reading.

The National Congress of American Indians has a project called Native Vote 2004 and is mounting an extensive voter mobilization in collaboration with regional organizations, local tribal governments, centers serving the Indian populations of urban centers, and non- governmental organizations whose focus is on democracy initiatives. One of their efforts includes a listerv for Natives engaged in voter work. For more information about Native Vote 2004, please visit:

Several national membership organizations have come together to create The National Voice, a coalition of non-profit organizations working to maximize voter participation. The goal is to increase voter registration and participation in the democratic process. The website has an extensive database of voter projects (are you on it?), information about training and conferences, to name a few. National Voice can also assist organizations in maximizing your voter efforts and finding funding. They can assist in linking individuals to organizations doing voter work. Check out the website at or contact Alyssa Burhans at

Don't sit this election out. Let's honor our ancestors by ensuring that we carry forward the legacies of our people.

Five Free Things Your Group Can Do to Increase Voter Participation in the Next Elections

1. Put On-line Voter Registration on your web page

Working Assets has a cool free service that lets you link directly to their voter registration tool from you web page. They will handle all of the details of helping visitors to your website get registered to vote in their home state. They are also planning grants with this program. More info at:

2. Talk about how important it is to vote everywhere--in publications,
speeches, etc.

While it is not legal for non-profits to campaign for any particular candidate or party it is totally legal to do everything in your power to encourage voter participation.

3. Organize voter education, registration, and get out the vote activities among your members, supporters, and the general public

Find out about all of the activities that you can legally engage in as a non-profit. The best current summary of these can be found at and click on the Library link.

4. Find Out about Great Ideas for organizing

Several listservs have been created to share innovative, powerful local organizing ideas and activities from all over the country. To sign-up for a trial subscription just send an email to or go to

5. Join National Voice

National Voice was created to help non-profit and community groups expand citizens’ participation in the next elections. We provide information, technical assistance, and direct support via our web page, hotline, teleconferences, workshops, and trainings. Membership is free. Just go to

For More Information contact National Voice at 1-866-428-7228or by email at

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