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November 29, 2003 - Issue 101


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collected by Paul and Vicki



Practice makes perfect, and that's why math worksheets are an educational staple in the classroom and at home. Today's collection of math worksheets for grades one through nine, focuses on the print-it-out-and-work-on-it-with-a-pencil variety, but some of these sites also offer interactive worksheets for online use. Worksheets
Aplusmath offers both interactive and printable worksheets customizable by operator and range of operands. Unique offerings include Counting Money (complete with color graphics), Basic Algebra, and my personal favorite, a PDF Worksheet Generator. The problem with most customized worksheets is printing them from your browser, because browser windows do not format neatly into 8.5" x 11" pages, and come with all sorts of unnecessary headers and footers. All these problems are solved with the PDF Worksheet Generator. Look for it in the bottom left-hand corner.

Math Goodies Worksheets
The Math Goodies worksheets are organized by grade-level. For grades four through nine, there are ten pre-made printable worksheets that correspond to their thirty-eight free math lessons in topics such as Pre-Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. For grades one through four, enter the Math Fact Cafe, where you'll find customizable printable worksheets, and off-the-shelf worksheets, both printable (click on any question icon) and interactive (look for the pencil icon.) Don't miss the interactive flash cards (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills) also found in the Math Fact Cafe.

MathWork, a tool for creating an unlimited number of customized printable math-related worksheets and answer keys, is a labor of love for homeschooling dad Scott Byrce. In addition to the usual operators, MathWork includes fractions, graphing, telling time, reading a tape measure, and a one hundred chart. "A one hundred chart has a variety of uses. A one hundred chart can be used to teach counting or skip counting. A one hundred chart that starts at zero is good for introducing the concept of place value. A one hundred chart that starts at one can be used to teach about the Sieve of Eratosthenes, and for finding prime numbers."

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The Smithsonian Institution is not a single museum, but rather the world's largest collection of museums (sixteen) and affiliate museums (129), housing 143 million objects and hosting 45 million visitors a year. The following Smithsonian sites are just a few of my favorites. Visit the museum's front page ( or the Smithsonian Educational Gateway ( to find more.

American Art Museum
Treasures galore await at the American Art Museum, home to the "largest collection of American art in the world." Best sections are Education (especially Kids' Corner, Learning with New Media, and Journey through Art) and Collections & Exhibitions (don't miss Browse the Collection, Helios, Director's Choice and Online Exhibitions.) My personal favorites are Bottle Caps to Brushes (in Kids' Corner) for elementary grades, and the curator's commentary about Vegetable Dinner by Peter Blume (in Director's Choice) for high-school students.

National Air and Space Museum
To enter the virtual exhibits at the National Air and Space Museum, hover your mouse over Exhibitions to select either Current, Past or Web Only. Best clicks for classroom and home are the activities (some online, others offline) peppered throughout the online exhibits such as Is Air Really There (from How Things Fly) and Cyber-Center (found in Exploring the Planets.) Another exciting gallery (that is still being built) is a collection of 3-D virtual reality photographs of 335 aircraft and spacecraft. To visit, click on QuickTime Virtual Reality Project from the home page.

National Museum of American History
The National Museum of American History was my favorite Smithsonian when the kids and I visited Washington D.C. a few years ago. Its online counterpart not only lives up to my high expectations, but exceeds them. History Wired uses a rather unique Java interface to showcase some of the curator's favorite objects. The museum houses more than three million artifacts, so choosing a handful of favorites is no small task. For more fun, click on over to any of thirty-two virtual exhibits on topics as diverse as the history of tools used to teach math, Julia Child's kitchen, and the 1950's paint-by-numbers craze.

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Students And Teachers Against Racism announces their new website that offers insight into the Native American perspective to teachers and educators.

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