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December 27, 2003 - Issue 103


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This Date In
North American Indian History


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Dec. 27, 1763:

Angry white vigilantes, called "the Paxton Boys" will break into a building housing the 14 CONESTOGA, Pennsylvania Indians not killed in the attack on December 14th. The whites will kill all of the Indians, including women and children, while they prayed. Benjamin Franklin will write the broadside "Narrative of the late massacres in lancaster county" condemning the white attackers for brutalizing the innocent CONESTOGAs.

Dec. 28, 1791:

Today, CHEROKEE Chief Bloody Fellow, and others, arrive in Philadelphia to meet with President Washington. The meeting will be delayed by Secretary of War Knox until the CHEROKEEs have been outfitted in "more proper" clothing. The eventual meeting would lead to an addenda to the Holston Treaty which will be signed on February 17,1792.

Dec. 29, 1830:

Nine local missionaries, issue a proclamation defending the CHEROKEEs against the actions of Georgia. Georgia is trying to remove the CHEROKEE from their lands, in New Echota, today. Eventually. Georgia will pass a law sentencing anyone living in CHEROKEE territory to 4 years of hard labor, if they have not sworn allegiance to Georgia.

Men-son-se-ah, a Piankashaw man holding a hatchet with a ground-stone head. (watercolor by George Catlin, 1830)

Dec. 30, 1805:

The PIANKESHAW sign a treaty today (Wabash).

Dec. 31, 1794:

After agreeing to a peace with the United States on November 7th, today the CHEROKEE and CHICKAMAUGA Indians, and the U.S. will exchange prisoners, this will effectively end the CHICKAMAUGA War.

Jan. 1, 1852:

Today, one in a series of treaties with California Indians will be signed in Santa Isabel. The treaty is meant to reserve lands for the Indians and to protect them from Europeans.


Many PUEBLOs do the Turtle Dance today.

The MAKAH Reservation

Jan. 2, 1873:

The MAKAH Reservation undergoes changes today by Executive Order.

Jan. 3, 1786:

Signed by Benjamin Hawkins. The CHOCTAW agree to release all prisoners. They acknowledge the sovereignty of the United States, and no others. New boundaries for their lands are delineated. No U.S. citizens will be allowed to settle on CHOCTAW lands, without CHOCTAW permission. Only allowed to regulate trade with the CHOCTAW. Signatories: 5 Great Medal Chiefs, 13 small Medal Chiefs, 12 Medal and Gorget Captains. Signed at Hopewell River.

Jan. 4, 1883:

President Chester Arthur, by Executive Order, establishes the HUALPAI reservation in WALAPAI Agency. Size: 1,142 square miles in Arizona Territory. Bounded by: Colorado River, 5 miles east of Tinnakah Spring, south 20 miles to summit of the high mesa, 40 degrees east for 25 miles to Music Mountains, east 15 miles, north 50 degrees east for 35 miles, north 30 miles to Colorado River.

The Indian Rock/Native Garden Project is an on-going collaboration between advanced computer art and anthropology students at CSUSM and the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians in Vista, California. Together we are developing a native restoration garden situated on an ancient Luiseño ceremonial rock site located near the university. photo by David Fleischman

Jan. 5, 1852:

One in a series of treaties with California Indians is signed today at Temecula. The treaty is to set aside land and to protect the San Luis Rey Indians from Europeans.

Jan. 6, 1864:

To force the NAVAJOs to move to the Bosque Redondo Encampment, the Army gets Kit Carson to mount an expedition against the NAVAJOs in the Canyon de Chelly. Captain Albert Pfeiffer, and a small force, leaves Fort Canby on this date to meet Carson at the canyon. Carson is called "rope thrower" by the Indians.

Jan. 6, 1954

Canku Ota's editor, Vicki Lockard is born on this day. Happy Birthday Vicki.

Jan. 7, 1806:

Black Fox (Inali) is the Principal Chief of the CHEROKEEs and a signatory to the treaty. He will receive $100 a year, as a part of the treaty. The CHEROKEEs will cede almost 7,000 square miles, in Tennessee and Alabama under this agreement. The treaty will be repudiated by most CHEROKEEs. Lands given away will include the Great Island of the Holston River.

Jan. 8, 1815:

Today, General Andrew Jackson will fight the British in the battle of New Orleans. Among Jackson's Army are many CHOCTAW warriors.

Jan. 9, 1789:

A treaty signed today refers back to the treaty signed on October 22, 1784. redefines tribal land boundary lines. Lands will be ceded on both sides. The MOHAWKs do not attend, nor sign the treaty. The treaty is signed by 24 Indians.

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