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February 21, 2004 - Issue 107


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Feb. 21, 1911:

Comanche Chief Quanah Parker dies. He is eventually buried at Fort Sill, in south-central Oklahoma. His headstone reads, "resting here until day breaks and darkness disappears is Quanah Parker, the last Chief of the Comanches. Died Feb.21,1911, age sixty-four years." Some sources say he died on February 23rd.

Feb. 22, 1944:

Jack C. Montgomery, a Cherokee, is a First Lieutenant with the Forty-fifth Infantry in Italy. For his solo actions against three different enemy positions, he will be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Feb. 23, 1877:

Lieutenant J.F. Cummings, and Troop C, Third Cavalry, attack a group of "hostiles" near Deadwood, Dakota Territory. One Indian is killed. 624 head of live stock are recovered.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Feb. 24, 1897:

Api-kai-ees (Deerfoot) is a Siksika (Blackfeet) man known for his ability as a long distance runner. He is well known in the Calgary area where a local freeway bears his name. He dies today.

Feb. 25, 1799:

Congress passes "An Act Making Appropriations for Defraying the Expenses Which May Arise in Carrying into Effect Certain Treaties Between the United States and Several Tribes or Nations of Indians."

Feb. 26, 1860:

The Wiyots lived on the upper California coast between the Little River and the Bear River. An annual ceremony lasting over a week is held in the village of Tutulwat on an island in the river in what is now Eureka, California. By Wiyot tradition, everyone is welcome at the ceremony, including whites. Tonight after the ceremonies are finished, a group of men from Eureka sneak into the village and attack the participants. Several other nearby villages are also attacked. An estimated eighty to 100 Indians are killed in the sneak attack. An annual vigil is now held on a nearby island to commemorate the event.

Wounded Knee

Feb. 27, 1973:

The siege of Wounded Knee begins. It lasts until May 8, 1973.

Feb. 28, 1675:

The Mission Santa Cruz de Sabacola El Menor is dedicated. The mission is for the Sawoklis Indians on the Apalachicola River.

Feb. 29, 1936:

An election is held to approve a Constitution and By-laws for the Santee Sioux Tribe of the Sioux Nation of the State of Nebraska. The vote is 284 to 60 in favor.

Cherokee Rose

Mar. 1, 1831:

According to a Georgia law, today is the deadline for all whites to be out of CHEROKEE lands.

Mar. 2, 1989:

The NAVAJO Code Talker Monument is erected.

Mar. 3, 1819:

The United States starts its Indian "civilization" program.

Mar. 4, 1643:

Today, the CANARSEE Indians will negotiate a peace with the Dutch in Fort Amsterdam. The CANARSEE are the Indians who sold Manhattan to Peter Minuit for $24 in trinkets, even though they did not own it.

Mar. 5, 1861:

The Confederacy appoints, today, Albert Pike, of Arkansas, to negotiate treaties with the Indians in the region. He will establish the "United Nations of the Indian Territory" as an Indian confederacy to oppose the government of Abraham Lincoln.

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