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March 6, 2004 - Issue 108


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The Eagle and the Snake – Redman Speaks – Part 5

by Geoff Hampton

Mother and ponyAs the years passed, the tribe experienced many births of children, which of course represented the future of cooperation from the heart for the tribe. The new children, born into the tribe with no real feelings for "how it used to be" meant that peace and harmony would very likely be the way of the future.

Through the years, the tribe also began to realize that the number of people remaining in good health was a significant factor in terms of ability to remain undetected. As a result, the tribal leaders agreed to limit the number of annual births, based upon the strict structuring of the tribe as it related to survival, mobility, death among members of the tribe and their perceived ability to carry out their spiritually ordained purpose.

Through the passing years, the tribe experienced many changes. Raven Spirit became ill and died the sixth winter of their existence. It had been unexpected, so tribal leadership became an issue again. There was no clear cut warrior in line to assume the leadership, so there was severe tension as three warriors came forward to lead the tribe.

The tribal council decided upon a contest between the three to determine who would become the next tribal leader. The contest was tense, with a Sioux warrior named "Sun Spirit" becoming the new tribal leader. One of the warriors who lost in the competition, a Cheyenne warrior named "Eyes of Wolf" was very displeased with the results and challenged Sun Spirit to a physical contest to the death.

The tribal council would not allow it, as Sun Spirit had won the original contest fairly. Eyes of Wolf attacked Sun Spirit and was killed by other warriors who were standing close by. Even a Cheyenne warrior, "Thunder Horse", who was a good friend of Eyes of Wolf came to Sun Spirits aide.

The tribe was moving towards solidarity thanks to Raven Spirit's great leadership. Raven Spirit's passing was a very solemn occasion and everyone felt the pain. His great leadership had been a model in tribal development and had created a sense of belonging for all. Even though it was possible that other great leaders could emerge to direct the tribe, Raven Spirit would never be forgotten and each subsequent tribal chief received the great leader's personal pipe.

Loss by Carol GriggSadly, although Song of Waters had never come out of her state of shock, she seemed to be perfectly well aware that Raven Spirit had died. Her eyes, although staring blankly ahead were now constantly filled with tears. About two weeks after Raven Spirit's death, her eyes closed and Song of Waters slipped into a deep state of unconsciousness. She died three days later.

Again, sadness and a strong sense of loss filled the members of the tribe. Although Song of Waters had been in her state of shock for so long, the people all still loved her and her passing simply brought back still fresh memories of the beloved leader Raven Spirit and the wonderful love that the two had shared with each other. They were such positive, strong people that they had been adored by all. They would now both be dearly missed.

As Sun Spirit assumed his new role as leader of the tribe, Half Moon set a meeting to introduce him to the art of shape shifting. As with Raven Spirit before him, Sun Spirit was amazed at the art and agreed to work carefully with Half Moon in order to maintain the spirituality of the art.

As more years passed, the tribes supply forays made many additional interesting discoveries. Their stealth and skills enabled them to always remain undetected, but they began to discover that the outside world was developing some unbelievable technology. Through the taking of white women occasionally, the Native Americans were able to generally master the English language and make discoveries about what was happening in the outside world. They were deeply saddened to hear the plight of the poor Native Americans back on the reservations.

Through the years, which seemed to pass very quickly, the tribe was able to master the Mandarin Chinese language, as well as Korean and English. The inter-racial mating of Native American warriors with the occasional white woman who felt comfortable enough to become integral parts of the tribe resulted in the birth of light skinned, almost white children.

At first this was taken as negative, but through wise leadership, it was pointed out that these children actually represented a tremendous advantage in the event that when Redman returned and their decision was to be war with the white man.

The forays were able to bring back many technological advances, especially as it related to weapons development. During these forays, shape shifting was becoming a valuable asset. Shape shifting enabled the braves to move completely undetected, and enabled them to overhear conversations that carried important information from white strangers. The far thinking tribe was becoming a small, but formidable force. Through the years many changes in leadership occurred, but each new leader seemed to be filled with great wisdom and the spirit world seemed to maintain influence over the tribe’s ultimate destiny.

Civilization was continuously expanding throughout the Rockies and the Tribe of the Eagle’s very existence seemed to be threatened. They began to work on the improvement and expansion of several caves that they had discovered. The entrances were camouflaged so that no wanderer might notice them by accident. The caves were not the main living quarters, but were used instead as supply storage and places for hiding in the face of imminent danger. The tribe enjoyed living outside as their forefathers had done and not in the caves.

The Native Americans back home on the reservations continued to experience soul crushing despair and poverty. Alcoholism, depression and despair were becoming the trademarks of reservation life. The white man had outlawed many of the sacred ceremonies and dances that had been a part of the Native American life. Even their native languages were forbidden! It seems hard to imagine, but it was true. Many ceremonies were actually outlawed by the white man’s government.

The red skinned white men who mostly became tribal policemen and were hated by the pure Native Americans Over time the red skinned white men began a reign of terror. They seemed determined to keep hope from their own people, for their own personal gain. Armed conflict erupted between the red skinned white men and the true Native Americans. Predictably, the white man’s government came to the assistance of the red skinned white men.

Finally, in the summer of 1996, Redman did return. He returned at a time when the Tribe of the Eagle was doing very well living secretly in the mountains. Suddenly, one night during June of 1996, the tribe's highest medicine man, "Sun Wolf” was performing one of the seven rights passed on so long ago by Redman, when suddenly, he screamed out in pain and fell into a state of unconsciousness. From his state of unconsciousness, Sun Wolf spoke, saying that on this night, he wanted the entire tribe to assemble for a spiritual message.

The tribe was quickly informed of Sun Wolf's condition and all gathered to hear his message. A great fire was built and Sun Wolf was carried out and laid down beside it. He seemed very near death. The tribe waited silently, but Sun Wolf did not speak. First the tribal chief "Thunder Wolf" began a quiet chanting then one by one, the entire tribe began to chant along with him. Then, another spiritual leader, "Swift Eagle" began a quiet drumming to accompany the quiet chanting, with a few others softly playing their flutes.

Traditional DancerSlowly, Sun Wolf's eyes began to open. His lips began to tremble and a voice came forth, but it was not the voice of Sun Wolf. It was the voice of another man. The man identified himself as Redman. No one could believe what was happening. There was absolute silence as all looked on in amazement, coupled with a certain degree of fear and nervousness.

Redman spoke to the assembled group saying, "I have returned from the spirit world and the time has come for you to make your decision. Will it be peace, or war with the white man. Your decision will carry with it the very future of our people everywhere. I now wish for Swift Eagle to go retrieve Thunder's sacred turtle shell rattle."

Immediately, Swift Eagle went to get the turtle shell rattle. He, like the others was filled with an unbelievable feeling of excitement and nervousness. All of their lives they had prepared for this very moment. It was a feeling that could not be described. His head was literally swimming with so many thoughts, all at one time.

As Swift Eagle returned with Thunder's sacred turtle shell rattle, Redman spoke again, saying "This sacred turtle shell rattle of the great spiritual leader Thunder is the most important item upon mother earth with respect to my return. It was commanded that upon my return, you the sacred Tribe of the Eagle shall seek spiritual guidance in order to come to an unalterable, final decision for all of the Native American people everywhere. That important decision is this...will there be peace, or will there be war with the white man. This decision is to be based upon your spiritual searching. The decision is to then be brought forth so that all tribes may know of your sacred decision. Any who falter or disagree with your decision are to be killed immediately, as their spirit will be recognized as no longer pure, and will have been converted to that of a red skinned white man. All red skinned white men are to be sought out and killed upon the conclusion of your mission. Peace or war with the white man are not related to these brothers and sisters who have turned their self righteous, self centered greed against our people. They must die either way. So, my sacred tribe, go forth after this evening and seek your answer. No matter what answer you find, you are to take Thunder's sacred turtle shell rattle to show to the other tribes to serve as a reminder that you are in fact the Tribe of the Eagle. You can expect disbelief at first, but you must make it known to all of them that your mission is real and the very future of our people rests solely with your decision. My sacred tribe…if your answer is that of peace, then you are to go forward at once to call together all of our tribes everywhere for a great Pow Wow to reveal your answer, and then our word of peace will ring throughout the land and we will extend our hands in peace forevermore with the white man. If your decision is not of peace, but of war, then you are to secretly communicate with the tribal spiritual leaders of the seven main western tribes that I shall name for you. They are the tribe of the Cherokee nation, the tribe of the Sioux nation, the tribe of the Cheyenne nation, the tribe of the Nez Perce nation, the tribe of the Navajo nation, the tribe of the Commanche nation, and the tribe of the Apache nation. Once these spiritual leaders have been summoned, you are to send forth your seven greatest warriors, accompanied by Thunder Wolf. These brave men are to meet secretly with the spiritual leaders from the seven great tribes to reveal who you are and why you have summoned them. Then, once they understand the importance of your mission, they are to coordinate through you the contacting of all major tribal spiritual leaders from all of the Native American nations. These warriors that you send with Thunder Wolf must have no fear and must fully understand the importance of this mission. They must be prepared to die without hesitation if necessary in order to maintain complete secrecy of the plans of war that are to be drawn up…if that is your decision. These plans must be designed to destroy the white man's government. Men, women and children are to be killed in order to make this great plan come to pass as I am commanding you. The plan is to be centered around a single night of extreme terror for the white man. On this night, you are to have selected and planned to kill 1,000 of the highest white leaders. As they would describe these leaders, they are as follows...Congressmen, Senators, Military Leaders, Judges, Lawyers and any other prominent white man or woman that you collectively deem to be a worthwhile target. In addition to these targets, you will find that the white man has built bridges over great waterways that they have polluted with filth and great tunnels that run under these polluted waterways. On the night of the attack, you will also plan to destroy all major bridges and tunnels in the northeastern area of their stolen land they have called the United States. This then, will be your destiny if you do in fact decide that it will be war. The attack will take place on the evening of the earth renewal moon. By the white mans calendar, it will be New Years eve. The white mans year that will be your guide will be New Years eve of the year 2,005. This will be exactly 130 white man's years from the night that I first came to Thunder, so long ago. These are my words to you. Go forth with brave hearts to make your decision, and whatever your decision shall be, I command you to pursue it with the strength and determination that the true Native American spirit engenders. The eyes of your forefathers will be upon you." Then the voice stopped and Sun Wolf let a horrible cry. He fell to the earth in death. His life energy had been exhausted.

The group was stunned and felt so many different feelings. Suddenly, one of the greatest warriors in the tribe stood up and screamed out "Death to the white man!" at the top of his lungs. Many other warriors then jumped to their feet and let out blood curdling battle cries. Many also screamed out words of death for the white man. Thunder Wolf immediately jumped to his feet and called for silence.

As a great tribal leader commands the utmost respect from his warriors, all fell silent. Thunder Wolf spoke softly but deliberately. He said, "We have been chosen by Redman to represent all of our people, everywhere. He has told us that we are to make a spiritual decision, and this is my will also. We shall do as the great Redman has asked of us. We will call upon our spiritual leaders to seek the right answer, and we will abide by their decision, without question. There can be no room for hatred in a spiritual decision. A spiritual decision is one that the Great Spirit will deliver to our spiritual leaders, and they then will tell us of that decision. The rest of us are simply warriors. If the decision is indeed war, then we will bring a war that no white man could ever imagine. If the decision is peace, then so be it. We shall come down from the mountains and live in peace with the white man."

Suddenly, great warrior named "Long Knife" stood up and screamed out that the white man must pay for their actions against our people. Thunder Wolf looked directly into Long Knife's eyes. No words were necessary. Long Knife sat back down in silence. The spiritual leaders of the tribe moved to send Sun Wolf off to the spirit world in the appropriate fashion. The moment was very solemn and all reflected upon the magnitude of what they were being asked to do. It was almost incomprehensible.

The tribe's seven spiritual leaders then immediately prepared to go and seek their answer. Each moved off into the mountains in separate directions. They were each filled with a thousand thoughts. Meanwhile, the entire tribe had moved into a state of restlessness. The warriors were practicing in every way imaginable. Their minds were filled with a thousand thoughts. Life had been so predictable up until that mystical night. Now, things would be changed forever and the very future of their people everywhere depended upon them.

End – Part 5 – To Be Continued

© 2003 Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is an internationally known author, speaker, motivator and business consultant. Hampton is the Executive Director for St. Mary's Health & Fitness Center in Powell, TN and is also a regular columnist for the wellness/fitness Website as well as Canku Ota. He can be reached by E-mail at His national anti-obesity/diabetes campaign, The Wellness Wakeup Challenge can be reviewed at

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