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May 22, 2004 - Issue 113


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No matter your age or your level of expertise, technology changes so fast, we all need somewhere to lookup technical jargon and obscure acronyms. Today's picks are online dictionaries specializing in Internet and computer terms: some are designed for elementary school students, and others for techies of all ages.

Acronym Finder
An acronym is a word or abbreviation formed from the initial letters or successive parts of a compound term. When you don't know what they mean, acronyms can be a major source of technology confusion, but acronyms are not limited to the world of computers. After receiving your PSAT scores, you might decide to not take an extra AP course so you can devote more time to studying for the SAT. Don't despair, Acronym Finder will guide through the acronym jungle. Definitions can be listed Most Common First, or you can specifically select Slang and Chat (BRB, I'm LOL) or Information Technology.

CyberCitzenship: Computer and Internet Glossary
"Hacker: No, no. Not a person with a really bad cough! Hackers are computer experts who work at a high level of expertise with computer systems and software." Peppered with humor, this printable, illustrated ten-page glossary is perfect for elementary grades. Print out a few copies, and post them in the computer lab for easy reference. You will need the latest, free version of Adobe Acrobat ( ) to view or print this file.

Google Define
Google now supplies definitions through its search function. Simply search for either "what is your-term-here" or "define your-term-here" and you will see a Web definition at the top of the search results. To see only definitions (and no search results) try "define: your-term-here" . What's interesting about the results is that they do not come from a single glossary, but rather are culled from a large variety of sources. For a single, more definitive result from, simply search on your word in Google, and then click the "[definition]" link at the right-hand margin of the blue bar.

Southwest Museum of the American Indian
The Southwest Museum holds one of the nation's most important museum, library, and archive collections related to the American Indian. In addition, it has extensive holdings of pre-Hispanic, Spanish colonial, Latino, and Western American art and artifacts. For nearly one hundred years it has supported research, publications, exhibitions, and other educational activities to advance the public's understanding and appreciation of the indigenous cultures of the Americas, with particular emphasis on the western United States and Mesoamerica.

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Students And Teachers Against Racism announces their new website that offers insight into the Native American perspective to teachers and educators.

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