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June 5, 2004 - Issue 114


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North American Indian History


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June 5, 1866:

This day will start the formal treaty conference at Fort Laramie in southeastern Wyoming. Leaders from many tribes and bands will be present. The purpose of the treaty will be to allow passageway for trails, roads, and railroad lines across indian lands. The meeting will be postponed for almost a week, at Red Cloud's request, to allow for the arrival of additional Indians.

June 6, 1885:

Sitting Bull signs contract today to work in Buffalo Bill"s Wild West Show.

June 7, 1494:

The "new world" is divided by the Catholic church.


June 8, 1871:

When confronted at Fort Sill, in south-central Indian Territory, about knowing anything about the attack on the wagons loaded with corn on May 15th on the Butterfield trail, Satanta said he was the leader of the raid. Satanta tells the agent that Santak, Big Tree, and others were with him. General Sherman places the 3 Indians under arrest and handcuffed. While being transported back to Fort Richardson in north-central Texas, Satank manages to work free from his handcuffs. He then attacks a guard with a hidden knife. Satank grabs a rifle from another guard, but he is shot and killed by the remaining soldiers. His body will be thrown in a ditch, and the group will continue to Texas.

June 9, 1647:

New England synod clergy meet at Cambridge today. A large number of Indians attend the meeting to hear Roxbury minister John Eliot deliver a sermon in their own language.

June 10, 1972:

SAUK & FOX - a Congressional Act today (17 stat. 391) will further define the SAUK and FOX reserve in Kansas.

Delaware Tribe of Indians tribal seal

June 11, 1752:

Today, while at a conference with British authorities, Chief Shingas will be named sachem or king of the DELAWAREs by Tanacharison of the IROQUOIS. The DELAWAREs were subjugated by the IROQUOIS.

June 12, 1855:

Walla Walla Conference: Governor Stevens bypassed the entire structure of the American Constitutional System, giving Congress sole power to ratify treaties.

June 13, 1660:

Wamsetta, a WAMPANOAG, and his younger brother, Metacomet (various spellings), have requested "English" names from the Plymouth court. Today, their names will be officially be changed to Alexander and Philip Pokanoket. Philip would eventually be called "King Philip."

Ponca Camp

June 14, 1877:

During their forced march from their old reservation to Indian Territory, the PONCAs arrive at the OTTO reservation. Taking pity on the PONCAs, the OTTOs give them some horses to help carry their people.

June 15, 1742:

According to some reports, a conference regarding friendship and land cessions was held for the next four days between representatives of the British in New York and the "SIX NATIONS."

June 16, 1832:

Battle of Pecatonica, Wisconsin: As a part of the "Black Hawk Wars," KICKAPOO Indians kill 5 settlers at Fort Hamilton, Wisconsin, today. The KICKAPOOs will be chased to the Pecatonica River by Gen.Henry Dodge and 30 militiamen. During the subsequent fighting, 3 soldiers, and 11 KICKAPOOs will be killed.

June 17, 1654:

Today in a meeting between the Swedes and the DELAWAREs in Tinicum (New Sweden, Pennsylvania). DELAWARE Chief Naaman praises the Swedes for their righteous treatment of the native inhabitants.

June 18, 1730:

Today, 7 CHEROKEE representatives will meet with King George II of England at Windsor Castle in London. They will acknowledge him as the sovereign of the CHEROKEE people. Leading the CHEROKEEs are Cheif Oukah-ulah and Attakullaculla (Little Carpenter).

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