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Favorite Sites
collected by Paul and Vicki

The U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 - Minnesota History Center Exhibit
When you visit the "U.S.-Dakota War of 1862” exhibit at the History Center, you'll examine the evidence, hear heart-wrenching stories and learn about the broken treaties and promises that led to this disastrous chapter in Minnesota history. The war ended with hundreds dead, the Dakota people exiled from their homeland and the largest mass execution in U.S. history: the hangings of 38 Dakota men in Mankato on Dec. 26, 1862. 2012 marks 150 years since the U.S.-Dakota War. It was waged for six weeks in southern Minnesota over the late summer of 1862, but the war’s causes began decades earlier and the profound loss and consequences of the war are still felt today.

38: The Dakota-U.S. War
In 1862 Mankato, Minnesota was the sight of the largest mass execution in American history. What followed was an exile of the Dakota people from their ancestral tribal lands; an exile that is still legislatively in force today. This new play explores the events leading up to the Dakota-U.S. War – invasions of indigenous sacred lands, cultural genocide, and starvation – through the court trials of the 38 Dakota warriors who were prosecuted as war criminals and executed by the United States government. Drawing on articles, letters, and diaries, this provocative new play personifies the famous, infamous, and nameless people who were caught up in this tragic moment in our country’s history. It is a story that has been waiting one hundred fifty years to be told.

NatureMapping Foundation
The NatureMapping Foundation was established to provide support to the Program and NatureMapping Centers, distribute products, and provide services (e.g, bioblitzes, reports, and analyses). The NatureMapping Program's vision is environmental stewardship of communities through school, community, agency, and business partnerships. Its' mission is to protect biodiversity through data collection and dissemination.
Hominy Heritage Association
The Hominy Heritage Association is an organization dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of historical facts and memorabilia relating to Hominy, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area.
The Cherokee Companion
This software is dedicated to the memory of the Ancient Ones who thought, dreamt, and spoke in the Cherokee language long before anyone tried to take it away from their descendants. May our continued use of their beautiful language serve as a constant reminder that America is built upon the graves of Indians - whose language and descendants may be found everywhere today.
George Flett Exhibit
This website was created by Richard Pearce, Professor of English, Emeritus, Wheaton College, and Visiting Curator of George Flett's ledger art exhibit, Balancing Tribal Accounts (January 29th to March 12th, 2003, in the Beard Gallery of the Wheaton College Fine Arts Center in Norton, Massachusetts).
Tinman Gallery
Tinman Artworks is a locally owned and managed gallery in the historic Garland Village District of near-north Spokane. Tinman exhibits the best of regional artists, focusing on painting. We have a new show every month, highlighted by with an opening reception for the artist. We are also proud to exhibit prize-winning Native American artists from the Spokane, Colville, Blackfeet and Araphoe nations.
Choctaw Nation Cultural Services
This website represents the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Cultural Events Department, Historic Preservation Department, and Tvshka Homma Council House Museum. Please browse the site to learn about the array of cultural services that we provide for Tribal members and the community. We also invite you to use the information and resources that we have posted here to learn about the history and culture that we share.
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Cultural Events Department - Camps
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Cultural Events Department offers a variety of multiple-day summer camps for Tribal youth, including Cultural Enrichment, Golf, Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Stickball. At Culture Camp, Tribal youth learn about Choctaw heritage, culture, langauge, and traditional arts. At the sports camps, youth are instructed by some of the best coaches in the region. At all of the camps, Tribal youth will get an opportunity to learn, grow, and interact with other Choctaw kids from around the country.
Mitakuyepi! Welcome!
Enjoy this beginning resource for understanding more about the Dakota people's relationship to Minnesota. Try traveling the directions in a traditional way - East (We Are Home), South (Dakota Greeting), West Mnisota: A Dakota Place) and then North for the core of the site - the Memory Map.
About the Minnesota Humanities Center
Focused on the future of the state, the Humanities Center brings the unique resources of the humanities to the challenges and opportunities of our times. We work in partnership across the state to build thoughtful, literate, and engaged citizens. With the unique resources of the humanities, the Center builds community and brings into public life the untold stories that deepen our connections to each other and help us imagine and create a vibrant future.
About Allies: media/art
Founded in 1996 as a limited liability company, Allies: media/art is a Dakota-owned and award-winning private company located in Minneapolis that specializes in media, art production, research and writing services.
The Burke Museum
The Burke Museum creates a better understanding of the world and our place in it. The museum is responsible for Washington State collections of natural and cultural heritage and sharing the knowledge that makes them meaningful. The Burke welcomes a broad and diverse audience and provides a community gathering place that nurtures life-long learning and encourages respect, responsibility and reflection.
Frugal Dad: Cheap Colleges
Determining what college program or university best matches your needs is a challenging, but rewarding, experience. It takes a lot of effort and time to compare schools, prepare for standardized tests, and to get an idea for what you want to study.
About Math Worksheet Land
Math is a universal language. Regardless of your culture or your dialect two plus two equals four. That is why I like math; it is one of the only things out there that everyone agrees on; outside of theoretical math of course.
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How to Build a Bridge
A bridge is a structure built over an obstacle to provide passage for cars, people, trains, animals and bicycles. Engineers generally design bridges in one of six types (beam, cantilever, arch, suspension, cable-stayed or truss) although bridges can be a combination of several types. Learn more at this week's roundup of engineering sites.

Johns Hopkins University: Bridge Designer
This Java game from Johns Hopkins University lets you design trusses in your browser! "Trusses are composed of straight members connected at their ends by hinged connections to form a stable configuration. When loads are applied to a truss only at the joints, forces are transmitted only in the direction of each of its members." Read the simple directions, then click through to the game page.

PGH Bridges
This introduction to the bridges of Allegheny County (in Pennsylvania) is a great place to start your bridge education. It illustrates simple spans, trusses, beams and arches. There is also a wonderful bridge glossary page; look for "Terminology: Bridge" in the left-hand menu. "Abutment: Part of a structure which supports the end of a span or accepts the thrust of an arch; often supports and retains the approach embankment."
PBS: Building Big: Bridges
The PBS television series Building Big includes bridges, as well as domes, skyscrapers, dams and tunnels. This Bridges section features Bridge Basics, a game quiz (The Bridge Challenge) and a fabulous Flash lesson on forces. "Forces act on big structures in many ways: squeezing, stretching, bending, sliding and twisting." Click on any of the forces to see real-life examples.
PBS NOVA: Build a Bridge
You've just been put in charge of deciding which type of bridge is best of each of four sites. Do your homework about four common types of bridges, and then "put on your civil engineer's hat and build some bridges." There are also an interesting interactive (and printable) feature about eight infamous bridge failures. "The August 2007 collapse of Minnesota's I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River killed 13 people. Tragic as it was, that accident and what we learn from it will help scientists and engineers foresee and act on structural problems and prevent failures of other spans."

Science Buddies: Civil Engineering Project Ideas
Whether for a science fair, classroom, or home project, these engineering projects include ideas such as Can a Toilet Paper Tube Support Your Weight?, The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity, Paper Bridge for Pennies, and Bridges That Can Take a Shake!. Each project is rated for difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10 that roughly relates to grades K to 12. Some projects include complete instructions and research starters, while others are just abstracts.

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Origami for Kids
Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Today's tour includes hundreds of easy-to-learn models. You can start with regular printer paper, but as you progress you may be interested in buying a package of special origami paper, which is thinner, easier to crease, and available in many colors and prints.
Origami for Kids
This Origami for Kids section is especially designed for beginners. For a child who has never done origami before, it will take some time before he gets used to the process. Once he has experienced the joy of origami, he will eagerly decipher the origami instructions (called diagrams) by himself.
Origami Club
Wow! What I love about the Origami Club is that the instructions are available both as a printable diagram and as an animation. And the animation can be sped up, or slowed down depending on your skill level. Other reasons to visit include their newspaper origami section, holiday collections (Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day), and their big page of fifty-one really easy origami models. Just one note of caution, this Japanese site, although written in English, uses A4 and B5 paper sizes, not the standard American 8.5" x 11"
"Paper, of course, is mushed up plant material. Plants, as you know, grow through photosynthesis (energy from sunlight) so looking on the bright side, origami is like playing with sunlight." Derek Stancombe started folding paper when he was nine or ten, "mainly because he was asthmatic and ran out of breath when trying to play sport." His beautiful site features creative, animated shorts starring origami figures, and a selection of origami games, all built in Flash.
Kids Web Japan: Let's Make Origami
"According to Japanese tradition, one way to pray for good health is by folding a thousand origami cranes." Published by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kids Web Japan introduces Japan to schoolchildren around the world. This section of the site includes instructions for thirteen origami models such as Dog, Cup, Piano, Balloon and Box. Click Next to visit the Download Center, where you'll find printable origami templates with fold marks, and colored printable origami paper.


Origami Fun
Origami Fun is chock-full of projects rated by difficulty, available in printable PDF format and video, along with lots of origami tips. "Be patient. If you are just learning how to make origami, you have to realize that it is a contemplative and relaxed activity, that is, you can't go rushing through the instructions as fast as you can!" For the easiest models, look for those rated one or two pelicans, or go directly to the kids section. Sign up for the Origami Fun newsletter, and you'll get a sample copy of their Ultimate Origami e-book.

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Fruits and Vegetables
Today's tour extols the health benefits of including more produce in our diets.
CDC: Fruits and Veggies Matter
Although not specifically for kids, this CDC site has interactive tools, tips, and information for all ages. How many fruits and veggies do you need each day? Enter your age, sex, and level of daily physical activity into the tool on the front page, and learn the benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Other reasons to visit include Fruit & Vegetable of the Month (pretty pictures to enjoy with your little ones) and What Counts as a Cup? "In general, 1 cup of raw or cooked vegetables or 100% vegetable juice, or 2 cups of raw leafy greens can be considered as 1 cup from the vegetable group."
Food Champs
Created by the Produce for Better Health Foundation (the same non-profit that publishes Fruits & Veggies: More Matters) this educational game site is targeted at kids from two to eight-years old. Choose a comic-book character to be your champion (a skateboarding banana or orange, for example) and jump into the games. Activities include coloring pages, games such as Fruit & Vegetable Math, printable worksheets, recipes, and a gallery of kid-submitted artwork.
Fruits & Veggies: More Matters
"Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies." For high-school students and grownups, Fruits & Veggies: More Matters explains why produce is so good for you, and how to get the most from them. From current research on why fresh fruits and vegetables have more health benefits than photochemical supplements, to recipes and kitchen tips on storing produce. Best clicks include a seasonal guide to what's fresh now, a gardening guide, and budget tips for including more fruits and vegetables in your shopping list.

Brought to you by Western Growers trade association, Producepedia reminds us that "California and Arizona farmers grow almost half the produce found in grocery stores across America." In addition to stories about the farmers, Producepedia lives up to its name in providing an encyclopedia of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Each entry includes a history ("Apricots originally came from China."), nutrition facts, season info, and ripeness and storage tips. "If you want to ripen immature apricots, keep them in a brown paper bag. Keep them at room temperature until they are slightly soft."

How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Help Manage Your Weight
Fruits and vegetables are part of a well-balanced and healthy eating plan. There are many different ways to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Using more fruits and vegetables along with whole grains and lean meats, nuts, and beans is a safe and healthy one. Helping control your weight is not the only benefit of eating more fruits and vegetables. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables also provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health.
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Jane Austen
Romantic novelist Jane Austen (1775 - 1817) achieved success in her lifetime with the publication of "Sense and Sensibility" in 1811, followed by four additional novels. And her continued popularity after two-hundred years is nothing short of phenomenal, with adaptations of nearly every kind continuing to spring up. Did you know that the 1999 "Clueless" movie and subsequent TV series is an updated "Emma," modernized and placed in Beverly Hills?

Jane Austen
"Her [Jane Austen's] timeless works - numbering just six complete novels have been turned into a plethora of motion pictures, spin-offs and modern retellings at an almost regular pace, and translated into multiple languages surpassing cultural boundaries in the process. These six works have gone to become something of a model formula for the romance stories we see today." There is lots to enjoy at this Austen fan site, so be sure to check out these top pages: the Jane Austen biography, the timeline of her life, Regency Period fashions, and Authors Like Jane.

Jane Austen Society of North America
With over 4,500 members and 70 regional groups, the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) caters to Austen fans of all ages. Visit their website for a brief biography, a chronology of her works, maps of her novels, and pictures. "The only authenticated picture of Jane Austen is a small pencil and watercolor sketch made by her sister, Cassandra, which is displayed in low light and protected by a cover in the National Portrait Gallery in London." Click through to the museum site to view it.
PBS Masterpiece: Jane Austen
Five of Austen's "most beloved and timeless stories" have been turned into PBS Masterpiece specials: Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility. Click on the titles in the right-hand column to watch short clips from the movies, and then scroll down the page to a listing of the rest of the content. Best clicks include Bachelors of Highbury Quiz, Men of Austen, the Jane Austen biography, and Selected Resources which includes both websites and books.
Project Gutenberg: Jane Austen
Because all of Austen's novels are in the pubic domain, you can download, read, or listen to them for free from this Project Gutenberg page. Available formats include Kindle, PDF, ePub, MP3 audio, HTML and plain text. This index page lists her works by popularity, with Pride and Prejudice topping the list, which opens, "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

The Republic of Pemberley
"We are The Truly Obsessed here and have been known to talk for weeks about Jane Austen's spelling quirks and Mr. Darcy's coat ('No, no - the green one.') If this sounds like just your cup of tea, 'Read on!'" To join the rest of the fanatics, you can jump into the conversation on the discussion boards (one for each of Austen's novels) or saunter over to the Jane Austen Information Page for a Table of Contents guide to the rest of the site.

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Paper Dolls
Printable paper dolls collections are plentiful on the Web. For today's picks, I chose four prolific artists who have created their own line of paper dolls, and one collector who is scanning vintage paper doll books that are now out-of-print. Among them, surely you'll find plenty to delight a child in your life, while reminiscing about the paper dolls of your childhood.

Paper Dolls By Gail
Gail's celebrity paper dolls are hand drawn using CorelDraw and Photo Paint, and frequently include "actual outfits worn by each celebrity." Categories include Movie Stars, Teen Idols, Twilight, and Famous Americans. For younger kids, head straight to the Fiction/Fantasy category where you'll find Santa Claus, Barbie, Cinderella, Snow White, Dora, and many more childhood favorites.

Paper Thin Personas
Rachel was born in Alaska, is a librarian in Alabama, and is a prolific paper doll artist. She creates her art with black pens and Photoshop, and has over 310 pages of paper dolls (in PDF and PNG formats) on her site. In addition to paper dolls with foldable tabs for printing on regular paper, Rachel also has magnetic dolls that can either be printed on magnetic paper, or created with adhesive magnetic sheets. Rachel's collection is awesome, and she also has an excellent set of links to other paper doll bloggers.

Patty Reed Designs
Fabric and totebag designer Patty Reed "has always loved paper dolls and has collected them since childhood." Her paper doll collection includes three big sisters, and three little sisters. Simply click on any of the sisters to print out the doll and her wardrobe. Some of the dolls have just one page of clothes, but others have four or six pages of outfits. Patty recommends gluing each sister "to cardstock using spray adhesive before cutting out, to ensure a longer life for your doll."

Practical Pages: Paper Dolls
Inspired by their World History studies, homeschooling mom Nadene drew these paper dolls with her kids. Organized into five separate PDF downloads, this paper doll collection includes Modern Clothes, Fashion of Past Eras, Ancient History, Ancient China / Japan / India / North American Indians, and Men of Ancient History. Yes, there is some overlap in the topics of the five downloads, but this page shows thumbnails of each page, so you'll know what you're getting before you click the download links.

Teri's Paper Doll Scans
Teri Pettit's vintage paper doll site has been lovingly created by scanning out-of-print paper doll books and sets in her personal collection. With more than twenty-six "books" to choose from, you are sure to find something to tickle your imagination and memory. Be sure to visit the extensive Betsy McCall collection, which has the annual sets from 1951 to 1961. These were the paper dolls of my childhood, and I found them every bit as beautiful as I remembered.

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Students And Teachers Against Racism announces their new website that offers insight into the Native American perspective to teachers and educators.
Changing Winds Advocacy Center
Through presentations, classroom sessions, curriculum, fund raising, charitable works, and multi-media efforts, we seek to raise public awareness of the stereotyping, discrimination, racism and other unique situations facing Native Americans.
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