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Candlelight Wolf Vigil Inspires and Fosters Community Awareness
by Joseph V. Sowmick - The Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Observer Photojournalist

The idea created to foster community awareness over misguided political deception won the day of Thursday, Nov. 14. The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe joined others across the state in proceeding wolf ceremonies.

The SCIT Tribal Council voiced their concerns over the wolf hunt with other Tribes represented at the Oct. 23 United Tribes of Michigan meeting. They showed their support through a Tribal Resolution against the hunt.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Director Jill Fritz personally briefed Council six weeks ago and encouraged those in attendance to make their voice heard to stop the hunting of Michigan wolves.

"It is tragic to see the wolf hunt begin and to know that it has come about only because of misinformation, fear-mongering and the silencing of public opinion by legislators, the DNR and the Natural Resources Commission," Fritz said. "But rest assured that Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is determined to win the fight to repeal the laws making the wolf a game species, and to return wolves to their protected status in Michigan."

With a full moon rising and the evening sky breaking through, the community entered the Saginaw Chippewa Academy lodge in support of the Candlelight Wolf Vigil for the controversial hunt that began the next day on Nov. 15.

"I find it hard to believe that the Department of Natural Resources cannot effectively educate the citizens of the Upper Peninsula on the practices of making their environment less attractive to an apex predator such as the wolf," Public Relations Director Frank Cloutier said. "Instead, we have a few farmers who are doing everything wrong and essentially attracting the wolf population onto their properties. There is a balance in nature to all things. This hunt is not the answer to create balance. Effective pack management is what should be taking place with specific trainings and restrictions for farmers not following preventative protocols."

SCA Teacher Nathan Isaac developed the grassroots effort along with the Tribal Public Relations department and was honored to host the cultural event at the teaching lodge.

"It is good to share these teachings we have been given and many of our people are not against hunting because we are providers for our families," Isaac said. "The wolf is part of our Creation story and is our brother … I will not hunt my brother."

Behavioral Health Helping Healer Bea Jackson gifted semaa pouches made by our community Anishinabe Kwe'; and Mide'; Elder.

Tribal Council Chaplain Steve Pego shared wolf teachings in the SCA Teaching Lodge. "I personally know many Wolf Clan brothers and sisters," Pego said. "Hunting for sport and without purpose is not Anishinabe and is not the way of our people."

Niibing Giizis (Summer Moon Photography) owner Marcella Hadden did an excellent photo story of the candlelight vigil and more of her images can be found on the bonus coverage section of the Tribal Observer website at

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