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Lexie James Crowned Miss Hopi 2014-2015
by Crystal Dee - Hopi Tutuveni

The Hopi Jr./Sr. High School auditorium was filled to almost capacity as six Hopi manas (girls) competed for the title of Miss Hopi 2014-2015.

Miss Lexie Michael James, Corn Clan from the Village of Tewa, was crowned Miss Hopi 2014-2015. Miss Hopi's mother is Candace James and grandmother is Jacqueline Nutumya. Miss Hopi's platform is to raise awareness on Bullying and promote the Hopi and Tewa languages.

Royalty includes:

First Runner-up Christina D'Ann Poley of Bacavi of the Greasewood clan. Her parents are James and Stephanie Poley. Her platform is to raise awareness on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Second Runner-up is Paula Deann Elmer of Lower Moencopi from the Snake clan. Her parents are Darrin and Perlita Elmer. Her platform is to promote Health and exercise and raise awareness on obesity.

The Miss Hopi Committee recruited six young Hopi girls to compete for the title of Miss Hopi.

Contestants vying for the 2014-2015 Miss Hopi were:

Paula Deann Elmer is from the village of Lower Moencopi. Her parents are Darrin and Perlita Elmer. Elmer is Snake Clan.

Courtney Polebaptewa is from the village of Kykotsmovi. Her parents are Leon and Belinda Polehaptewa Jr. Polobaptewa is Fire Clan

Lexi Michael James is from the village of Tewa Her mother is Candace James and her grandmother is Jacqueline Nutumya. Miss Hopi is Tewa Corn Clan

Robyn Chelsea Wadsworth is from the village of Sungoopavi. Her parents are Ronald and the late Winifred Wadsworth. Wadsworth is Bear Strap Clan

Christina Poley is from the village of Bacavi. Her parents are James and Stephanie Poley. Poley is Greasewood Clan

Auri Roy is from the village of Hotevilla. Her mother is Sandra Suhu. Roy is Rabbit Clan.

The Miss Hopi Pageant week started off with a Contestant and Parent Orientation Oil July 23'" at the Hopi Jr./Sr. High School.

During the orientation, the Miss Hopi Committee gave a brief presentation on what the organization is and how they function. The 2013-2014 Miss Hopi Royalty also shared be Duties and Responsibilities of Miss Hopi Royalty. Beatrice Norton gave a presentation on Hopi Hairstyles and Lisa Lomavaya did n presentation on Public Speaking. Kyle Knox of the Hopi Foundation did a photo shoot of the contestants, individual and group photos.

The girls completed the first part of the judging, by having personal interviews with the pageant judges the day before the pageant.

Judges for the Miss Hopi Pageant were Cheryl 'Ieaakhongva of Hotevilla; Wilfred Gaseoma of Kykotsmovi; Kiarra Pabovehma of Shungopavi; Bruce 'Ialawyma of Hotevilla and Marilyn Parra of Old Oraibi.

On pageant night the contestants were judged on interviews, written cultural essay, traditional talent presentations, impromptu questions and modern talent.

The written cultural essay was based on the theme for this year. "Itaa' Qatsi Aq Itam Mongvastctsini' or "Succeeding in Life by following our Cultural Path".

Brennan Sidney and 2012-2013 Miss Hopi 1st Attendant RaeChclle Antone served as Master/Mistress of Ceremony. Sidney is from First Mesa and Antone is from Second Mesa. Sidney kept the audience laughing with his jokes and stories.

The traditional talent featured Pahlikmana dance by Auri Roy, while Paula Elmer, Robyn Wadsworth and Kourtnie Poleheptewa sang traditional Hopi songs. Miss Hopi read poem titled. "Her Name is Hopi".

As the judges turned in their last votes for the tabulators to calculate, there was 30 minute break during which Ila Lomawaima sang songs and the 2013-2014 Miss Hopi Royalty did their farewell presentation.

Before the coronation. the Miss Hopi Committee presented outgoing 2012-2013 Royalty Qumyintewa and Honyaoma with the Miss Hopi Scholarship awards. They both received a check towards school and a farewell gift The Miss Congeniality was presented to Lexie James. The Miss Congeniality award is given to one who is friendly and is willing to help another without being asked. The contestants determine Miss Congeniality.

The Miss Hopi Committee hopes to engage in more cultural teachings and presentations for the royalty and the Miss Hopi Committee and promote the Miss Hopi Royalty in and outside of the Hopi/Tewa community.

"Requests for appearances are always coming in for the new royally to keep them busy and engaged with the people and they will also be working on their platform projects," said Carey Onsae, Chairman for the Miss Hopi Committee.

The Miss Hopi Committee would like to thank Hopi Telecommunications Inc.; Hopi Credit Association and the Hopi Chairman's Office for the monetary contributions towards the pageant. Lucas Namoki Sr., Hopi Fine Arts, Gourd Jewels, Monongye Gallery, Povi Gallery, Tsakurshcvi, Horace Kayquoptewa, Wendall Sakiestewa and Ryan Yaiva for the beautiful contributions to the awards for the royalty and contestants. Nikki Qwnyintcwa & Family, Lori Honyaoma & Family, Explore Hopi, Kyle Knox, Beatrice Norton, Lisa Lomavaya; Tiffany Bahnimptewa & Gregory Lomakuvva for the wonderful stage decorations. Miss Hopi Committee Officers and members, pageant judges and tabulators and of course the many volunteers who helped make the pageant a huge success. Askwali!

2014-2015 Miss Hopi Committee Officers are: Chairperson Carey Onsac, Vice-Chairperson Shawn Namoki Sr., Treasurer Veil Davis and Secretary Rexanne Joscycsva.

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