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Do Not Panic. Do Not Despair.

  • We currently "host" TWO sites ... AND provide a link to a THIRD site. Please click on the logo to access the desired home page. If you have reached this page as a result of an error on any of our web sites, please contact our webmaster.

  • We have recently deleted several sites (subdomains) ... "We Have Many Voices," "Scents of Eden," "RezAide," and "Kevin Shore."

  • Many of the craft articles featured in "We Have Many Voices" are duplicated in "Canku Ota (Many Paths)." You find them using the search engine on the front page or simply click on "Archives," then click on "Crafts."

    Canku Ota logo

    Canku Ota (Many Paths)
    - An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America

    Mahkato Wacipi logo

    Mahkato Wacipi
    - A traditional dance held each year in Mankato, Minnesota

    STAR logo

    - Students and Teachers Against Racism (external link)

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